Many viewers write me with their suggestions to re-air programs we aired in the past. I receive suggestions all the time from people asking us to replay old taiga dramas or Oshin or old samurai dramas. Conversely, I also receive comments asking why we are re-airing programs we recently aired, like Lone Wolf with Cub or Seven Detectives.

I thought it would help to explain why we can re-air some programs and cannot re-air others.

You see, we don’t own the programs we air. We license them from rights holders and each program we license comes with strict terms that govern the dates and number of times we must run the program. This is why we can’t just pull old programs we’ve aired before off the shelf to air again anytime we choose. Once a license expires, we don’t have that option. We would need to re-license the programs and pay a fee all over again. The programs we are re-airing right now fall within our license agreement terms and have to be re-aired.

Still, I love hearing your suggestions about programs you’d like to see. It helps serve as a guide when we are researching new programs to license. Please keep your suggestions coming.

Ja ne, Phyllis

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32 Responses to Why we can re-air some programs and can’t re-air others

  1. Ryan says:


    Recently, I really enjoyed the Abarenbo Shogun specials. Is there any possibility the older seasons could be re-licensed and rebroadcast? As a kid in the 1980’s I remember watching Seasons 2 and 3, then in the early/mid 2000’s I enjoyed the rebroadcast of Season 1. I would love to see Season 2 and/or higher again. It would bring back a lot of childhood memories of watching those episodes at my grandparent’s house!

    Thank you,

  2. Val Wong says:

    We enjoyed the Downtown Rocket Series. Any chance of replaying it?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We will not be replaying this series. Our license rights for Downtown Rocket 1 ended in 2017 and the rights for Downtown Rocket 2 ended in 2020.

  3. Ross Sugibayashi says:

    I understand that an announcement was made of the airing of a historical drama series, similar to your re-airing of Oshin. What is this series?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Kita no Kuni Kara, which means From the Northern Country. It is about a family starting life over in Hokkaido. First airdate is Tuesday, April 6.

  4. Denis Sumida says:

    Are you going to retelevise Ao No SP? I missed the first two episodes. I really enjoy the seires and trying to figure out why ofc. Shimada is trying to solve the death of Kaori Ogawa. I think she is related to him.

  5. Naomi Kenney says:

    Would it be possible to see Wataru Sekken from the beginning during this time while NHK appears to be reluctant to release new shows? Thank you for re-airing Oshin! I personally, would love to see Atsuhime & Imotou Yo again

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      I wrote you an email but thought I’d respond here, too, so others can read my response. When we license a program, there are specific terms that govern the term (dates) and number of times we can air it. If we wanted to air Making It Through again, we would need to re-license, translate, and subtitle it all over again. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just pulling it off the shelf.

  6. MP says:

    Hello! I recently discovered a 2018 Filipino teleserye that looks interesting to watch and was wondering if I can request if you may be able to get the license to air it on your station (with English subtitles of course). I haven’t seen it completely, only the trailers and previews. It has 94% likes from Google users, 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb; and according to various sites, it seems it was highly rated during its airing on ABSCBN and has won quite a few awards for its actors as well as the series itself. It’s called Wildflower. Please check it out and see if you would be interested in airing it. I figured, you guys aired Beautiful Strangers (and will be airing it again), so why not give this one a try.
    By the way, thank you for airing Since I Found You! It’s my favorite Filipino teleserye by far! I wouldn’t mind it if you guys re-air that again. Mahalo!

  7. Mele Stokesberry says:

    We missed Kirin Ga Kuru last Tuesday, Dec. 29, and you didn’t repeat that episode on this past weekend’s Sunday night, Jan. 3! Is there any place on the web where we can go and view that missed episode? It might have been #33.

  8. MF says:

    Aloha! Will you be running Iryu 2 and subsequent series in 2021? I loved the series and would like to see more of this series. Thank you!

    The programs on KIKU has lifted our spirits during these difficult times. We’ve been watching as much KIKU as we can since Covid.

  9. Colleen Hadama says:

    Will you be airing Iryu 3 soon? I have really enjoyed watching Iryu 1 and Iryu2.

  10. Mark M. (now a grownup) says:

    Kikaida ! Kikaida! Re-air Kikaida. And Kamen Raider and Rainbow Man and Zaboga and Robocon and Diamond-eye and of course Ikkyu-San! They used to be right after Wrestling Hawaii .
    We love channel 13… Kiku, Telebi-des!

  11. Regina says:

    I would like to see Once Upon A Kiss again. Didn’t get the begging. Also wish I May

  12. Milton Yamamoto says:

    Is Lady Nobunaga real??? Not fictitious? Nobunaga was a female???

  13. Ron says:

    I understand your explanation of re-airing recent Japanese programming, however, it’s getting ridiculous not having new shows to watch. Covid’s impact is understandable, but there are literally hundreds of dramas from the past few years that Hawaii residents would enjoy in the meantime. Stop with the repeats already!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      You are right; there are hundreds of dramas from past years. However, KIKU doesn’t own them. We can’t just pull old programs off the shelf and rerun them. Each program — even if it’s a program we aired in the past — must be licensed each time we air it. And the licensing cost does not drop just because we aired it before.

    • DAVID LEONG says:

      That’s OK, some of the shows are so good that I still enjoy watching it a second time. Doing a good job Phyllis!

  14. Beverly says:

    Will you continue to air new seasons of Homicide Team 9? I see there are five more seasons, and it would be great to be able to see the late Watase-san again. I’ve always liked his characters.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We are considering Homicide Team 9, but trying to balance the number of detective-type shows we air. We have Seven Detectives 3 and Partners 15 coming up first.

  15. Arielle Leah F Michael says:

    So enjoyed Lone Wolf with Cub. Thank you for showing this. The actors were wonderful…especially the one who played Ogami Itto.

    Will you be able to run older samurai series? I remember in my youth watching Abarenbo Shogun. That was a very long time ago!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      So glad you enjoyed Lone Wolf with Cub. We are currently working on a new samurai program to air when the rebroadcast of Lone Wolf is complete. If we were to re-air Abarenbo Shogun again, we would have to pay a new license fee and translate and subtitle the episodes all over again. There are other viewers who would like to see this series again, while others who want to see a new series.

      I’m curious: which would you prefer: Abarenbo again or a new samurai drama?

      • L. S. says:

        We would like to see a new samurai series with a main character. Lone Wolf was an exceptional program and we could not wait for each episode. What you aired recently last Saturday was very boring that was based on (anime)? There was no action although history buffs may have been interested.
        Samurai action may not be for young children but for us seniors, it’s great!

        • Phyllis Kihara says:

          We are still airing the final season of Lone Wolf with Cub every Friday night from 8-9pm with a retelecast on Saturday night from 7-8pm. This past Saturday, we aired a program from Konko Mission from 7-9pm. (We do this the first Saturday of every October.) Please keep watching Lone Wolf until the series ends around the end of February. We will have a new samurai series when Lone Wolf ends.

          • LS says:

            Thank you Phyllis for your timely response. We will continue to watch until Lone Wolf is over.
            We also watch some of the other shows that showcase Japan and its beauty. We have gone to Japan several times and have never been disappointed.
            Keep up the good work all of you do to keep your fans engaged. Thanks again.

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