Ammoyo Kadi (did you know)…” in 1906, Ilocanos became the first Filipino ethnic group to immigrate to the United States, migrating to Hawaii, Washington, Alaska and California. Today, Filipinos make up the largest Asian ethnic group in Hawaii, and the vast majority of Filipinos emigrating to Hawaii every year are still of Ilocano ancestry. About 85% of the Filipino population in Hawaii are Ilocano. Yet most programming aimed at the Filipino community in Hawaii is broadcast in Tagalog, not Ilocano.

KIKU-TV, in partnership with KPRP Radio, broadcasts “Ammoyo Kadi…?”, a regular series of television vignettes produced specifically for and about Filipinos in Hawaii in Ilocano. Weekly segments spotlight people of influence, community events, and the culture, traditions and foods of the Filipino people in Hawaii.






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