On KIKU, we air a combination of modern dramas and historical/samurai dramas. Since the same actors often appear in both modern and historical dramas, it’s always interesting to see an actor in a modern drama dressed in a business suit or dress, and recognize them in a historical drama with the traditional hairstyle (chonmage or nihongami) and kimono.

As a matter of fact, there are three actors/actresses appearing in both a modern and a historical drama that are currently airing on KIKU.


I have three KIKU-TV shirts to give away. The first person to name one of the actors and the two shows they appear in will receive one of the shirts. (Once that actor is named and the shirt is given away, you need to identify the next actor.) Only one shirt per person will be given away so if you know all three, don’t reveal them all. Post your answers using the Comments section.

Good luck!


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22 Responses to Trivia Question

  1. Raj K Bose says:

    Kanji Tsuda in Hanamoyu and Behind the Noren

  2. Liann says:

    Tsuda Kanji from Hana Moyu and Hanayome Noren/Behind the Noren


    Takashi Naito in Investigator Mariko and Hanamoyu….I think?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      This is correct, Gisela, but it was already named by someone earlier. Don’t forget that it’s only one shirt per person!

  4. Kipo Chinen says:

    finally got to watch Zenigata Heniji and love the show!!

  5. Mariko says:

    Thank you, Phyllis! BTW, Mukunashi Tota is listed as Takashi Naito in Hana Moyu and on Asianwiki. Not sure which is correct. Again, thanks.

  6. Joy Hayamoto says:

    Is it Mayumi Wakamura in modern dramas Love & Deceit and Investigator Mariko, and in the historical drama Hana Moyu?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Yes!!! Congratulations, Joy! Call me at 687-8600 to get your shirt.

      Since there is only one actor left to be named, I will give everyone a big hint. One of the rules is that the historical and modern dramas must be currently airing on KIKU. Here is the hint: This trivia contest will end Monday, 8/10, because that is the last day one of the dramas will air.


    is it Maki Kubota in second movement and hanamoyu?


    oops….missed the h in BEHIND THE NOREN



    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Gisela, you are correct that Yoko Nogiwa appears in both dramas! However, this one is tricky because although she always wears a kimono in Behind the Noren, it takes place in modern times, so we consider this a modern drama. Therefore, both Behind the Noren and Doctors 2 are considered modern dramas. We are looking for an actor/actress who appears in a modern drama and a historical drama currently airing on KIKU.

      Call me at 687-8600 anyway.

  10. Ellen Morishita says:

    Hiroaki Murakami is in Zenigata Heiji and
    Love and Deceit

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Congratulations, Ellen!!! You got one of the three correct answers! Call me at 687-8600 and I will get you a KIKU-TV shirt.

      • Mariko says:

        Takashi Naito is in modern drama Investgator Mariko and historical drama Hana Moyu

        • Phyllis Kihara says:

          You surprised us! We had totally missed this one. Actually, the actor’s name is Tsuyoshi (not Takashi) Naito, but we know who you meant, so you win a shirt, too! Call me at 687-8600 to get your shirt. And for everyone else, there is still one other name out there. This one is tough because his role in one of the dramas was small.

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