You may have heard a rumor that KIKU will stop airing Japanese and Filipino programming soon.

Unfortunately, the rumor is true.

Starting Monday, June 28, 2021, KIKU and other stations owned by RNN National, LLC will air ShopHQ 24/7. This includes stations in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington DC, Houston, and Boston.

Over the month of June, our program schedule will be a little confusing and we apologize in advance for this. But as much as possible, we wanted to be able to complete the final episodes of programs we are currently airing before  June 28. On some days, this means we will pre-empt programs such as Soko ga Japan or Jazz Alley TV in order to be able to finish airing the entire seasons of shows like Kita no Kuni Kara, Platinum Age, and Partners 14. (Unfortunately, we will not be able to complete all the episodes of Partners 15 before the change occurs.)

A June calendar showing these changes is available on the home page under the Schedule menu.

If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me at or (808) 687-8600.

Thank you for your support of KIKU over the years. It has been our privilege to share Japanese and Filipino programming with you over the last four decades.

On behalf of the staff of KIKU-TV, a sincere mahalo and aloha.

Phyllis Kihara

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9 Responses to The Rumor is True

  1. Joan TsujuI says:

    We were so sad to hear the news about your KIKU station drooping the Japanese & FIlipino shows and the local calendar of events. Prior to Covid, I used to plan my visits to HNL around those events several times a year.

    These shows made me understand the hardships that our immigrant grandparents & great grandparents endured. It helped the younger generations learn about their roots. I hope another tv station is able to pick up the many shows & your hardworking staff. Your current owner obviously has no Aloha for the loyal watchers.

    There are so many shopping networks. I can’t see how they can succeed with another one on the market.

    Thank you for years of enriching our lives and instilling our cultural heritage.

    Take care and good luck.

  2. David Nagy says:

    I have been watching KIKU tv since I was 18 years old. I am now 68. It’s been part of our lives and now feels like we are losing a dear friend. Very sad day. Too bad it’s all about money. What a shame. Thank you for all the great shows.
    David N

  3. I just heard the news via twitter.

    This is an outrage. The decision to end KIKU’s Japanese & Filipino programming in favor of a home shopping network owned by a haole company based in New York is gentrification and whitewashing. For decades KIKU has been a community and educational resource to Hawaii’s unique multicultural society. It has been particularly important for the working class and marginalized; those who may not otherwise have access to multicultural programming. 

    I grew up largely watching KIKU, and it is difficult to say where I would be without it. Certainly a home shopping network would not have helped get me to where I am today, with several advanced degrees in Asian studies, including a Ph.D. A.B.D. in Asian history. 

    I am thankful for the decades of memories and education KIKU has provided and am sad to hear about this change. I certainly will not be supporting this station anymore once it switches to the home shopping network. This is further proof that the people and businesses in the continental U.S. do not understand or care about the local people of Hawaii at all. 

  4. C,shimizu says:

    To Phyllis Kihara & your staff, Thank you for all you hard work & dedication!we will truly miss all your great programs!Best wishes to ll of you!ARIGATO!c.Shimizu.

  5. Maureen C Izumi says:

    You have enriched the Japanese & Filipino families over decades with your programs. Who or will any other entity fill the GIGANTIC CULTURAL GAP created by terminating these programs. Surely they are not big money-making for KIKUTV but they need to provide a variety of programming. Is there any way this change can be reversed due to public demand?
    We will forever be grateful for your past venues.

  6. Natalie Hanai says:

    Please urge your station owners that the people of Hawaii will be very disappointed with their decision to end Japanese and Filipino programming. My husband and I have been watching programs on KIKU for approximately 50 years and were upset to hear the news of not being able to follow our favorite series anymore. We certainly do not need another shopping network and will not support the new programming.

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