Both parents and kids know Kikaida, the red and blue jinzo ningen superhero who burst onto the local scene in the mid 70’s and returned to the KIKU airwaves some twenty seven years later along with Kikaida 01, Kamen Rider V3, and Inazuman. Do you remember the other old school Japanese superheroes? Perhaps this will jar your memory….

– Ten Four Ten Ten – The forgotten show that I can’t seem to find any information on. The show’s jingle still resonates in my head but nobody seems to recall this show featuring a team of do-good kids in space helmets. Were they glorified JPOs? LOL. If anyone remembers this show reply back.

– Rainbowman – Before Kikaida, there was Rainbowman. A lot of Buddhist meditation was required for him to gain power. Which of his seven Dash’s was your favorite? Most of my friends wanted to be Lightning Man or Fire Man. Nobody wanted to be the dirt guy (doo doo man). Remember the action figures? Press the button on his stomach & he shakes his head, “No”. Press the button on the back of the neck, he nods “Yes”.

– Go Rangers – The original Power Rangers. One of the coolest team of heroes. Ao (Blue) Ranger, the guy with the bow and arrow, was the same actor that played Kazami Shiro (Kamen Rider V3). Yellow Ranger was the fat one who loved curry and all the girls wanted to be Momo (Pink) Ranger

– Denjin Zaboga – This show had the coolest toy ever! Like the robot in the show, you could transform him into a motorcycle, deploy a helicopter from his head, make a car come out of his boots, and watch out for his chain punch! This guy I worked with years later had brought to Hawaii the original Zaboga robot motorcycle from the show.

– Robocon – The girls loved this cutesy show with all the robots trying to earn good deed points and the well-intentioned Robocon always seeming to screw up. My sister had a Robocon toy slot machine.

– Diamond Eye – The sword wielding silent caped hero with big diamond eyes. All I remember is that the bad guys were very demonic and that the theme song was cool. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any videos on YouTube.
diamond eye

– Raideen – One of the original transformer-like giant robots, Raideen had the face of an Egyptian pharaoh and could transform into a fighter jet. Unlike the other live action shows, Raideen was a cartoon, maybe one of the first anime to be shown in Hawaii.

– Ultra Seven – KIKU is currently airing Ultraman Leo on Fridays at 6:30pm. Ultra Seven was in episode one as the Ultraman passing the torch on to Leo. In the 70’s this show was dubbed in English. Look at the Hawaii credits below…do you know any of these people?

– Candy Candy – Not a superhero show but the girls used to love this anime and learned to draw those anime eyes with the three white dots in them. lol.

Which show was your favorite back in the day and why? Send a reply.

Denji Endo!

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24 Responses to The other old school Japanese superheroes

  1. Doug Wagner says:

    This was fun to find. I grew up in Japan in the 70s, so a lot of these were my ‘daily’ cartoons. I particularly remember Robocon and Candy Candy with fondness.

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Shane says:

    Has anyone found English version or dub version of rainbow man?

  3. Leah Medeiros says:

    Rainbow Man I remember my cousin who I played with all time had all the action figures. Was good fun I liked the Bue one Waterman I think lol I was hoping to see a clip. Hard to find I guess. Also Kikaida and Kamen Rider good shows and I think my first 3D movie was Kikaida in Waikiki good fun.

  4. Christopher Tokita says:

    I found the 10-4 10-10 theme song on Youtube:

    The show looks vaguely familiar, but I have found myself saying 10-4 10-10 from time to time over the years.

  5. SA says:

    I remembered a cartoon called, Fujimaru. He was a kid who had all the cool ninja moves to avoid attacks and running on the walls.

    Also Ikkyu-san for all the interesting tales.

    Also not mentioned that I liked was Inazuman with his cool car.

  6. DF says:

    Does anyone remember a show – sort of like Power Rangers – where instead of different colors, the superheroes changed into outfits of the different card suits? One would be clubs, another spades, another diamonds, another hearts. I want to say it was a Japanese show appearing on a PBS station. Maybe in the 60’s ?

    • Maiko says:

      Was it J.A.K.Q Dengekitai?

      • DF says:

        Maybe. But the show I remember seemed simpler. Older. Less tech to change into their secret identities.

        But I thank you for the answer, it gives me a place to start. I will look further into JAKQ, and see if something else like it came before.

        Thanks again.

    • SA says:

      I believe that you’re referring to Go Rangers.

    • DCB says:

      Himitsu Senati Gorenger, or as I know them Go Ranger (also called The 5 Rangers)!

      • Wayne Edward Ramirez says:

        I lived in Hawaii for 5 years from 71 to 75 and I watched Kikaida and a couple others. But I can’t find them today. I remeber kikiada 01 and the Ultra 7 and one more. This one was with a guy that rode his motorcycle with his legs staight back and was one with the motorcycle. I really miss them. I had all the action figures. When we would go to the mall I would get one more action figure. Can anyone help me remember the man and the motorcycle. Thanks

    • Cathy R Roach says:

      Yes I remember that show. I grew up in Lahaina Maui,and watched the Japanese station with the call letters kiku. Anyways,it came on right after Kikaider. I can’t remember how many there were I want to say four sometimes five but they were like the original power rangers. Tho only in costume. They were the suits of cards and rode motorcycles.brings back memories.

  7. otaku says:

    I remember the Metal Heroes via tape sharing from the Philippines. My favorite had to be the “Rescue Police” line, cause the intro songs were sung by Takayuki Miyauchi and the songs knew how to get you pumped for them.

    Here’s the theme for Special Rescue Police Winspector as an example:

  8. S says:

    X Raida (Kamen Raida X) is my Raida.

    What about Condorman, Battle Fever J (with Ban Daisuke), and Captain Harlock?

    And Mazinger (Majinga), Grendaiza — the Go Nagai giant robo shows.

    All time favorite is Gatchaman — not Battle of the Planets — Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman.

    A lot of the best had themes sung by Isao Sasaki and Masato Shimon.

  9. E says:

    Here is a link to the Diamond Eye theme song:

  10. Rod says:

    To whom it may concern:

    Where can I get a copy of the rainbowman series. I remember it from my childhood days and would like to see it again. Please advise.

    thank you!

    • D Gilmore says:

      When Jiro (Ban Daisuki) was making an appearance at Shirokiya a few years ago, I met the guy that runs and asked about Rainbow Man being released in DVD. He said that there’s a messy legal battle going on as to who owns the rights to the show and it looks like it isn’t getting solved anytime soon. Sucks because I really liked the show,!!! 🙁

  11. Mike says:

    I used to watch these shows on channel 13 in Hawaii beginning with Rainbowman and Kikaida. My friend from school knew Ten Four Ten Ten, I remember him mentioning it but never saw it myself. Do you remember that nerd who tried to be a local Japanese superhero called Shooting Star? He had kind of an Elvis costume with a lone ranger mask. That dude was lame. It’s funny how bad he was, and that it never took off in Hawaii since most kids weren’t buying it. I stopped watching after Raideen because I grew up, but I still have some of the Kikaida dvds.

  12. James Ogawa says:

    I remember Ten Four Ten Ten! Nobody else seems to know what it was. I recall an episode in which they were fighting a giant slug or something. This show, and Rainbow Man, came before Kikaida, but I can’t remember if Rainbow Man came before Ten Four Ten Ten.

    I remember many kids thought Rainbow Man was whimpy because he cried on several occasions. My favorite Rainbow “dash” was the golden one that could fly, aside from Seven.

    I liked all of the shows you mention on this page. Never heard of Candy Candy, however. But a particular favorite, which you don’t mention, was Getta Robo — three small “planes” that could form, in various combinations, three different giant robots. Or something like that.

    My absolute favorite was Kamen Rider V3.

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