Last week, we aired the 50th and final episode of Hana Moyu, which was NHK’s 54th Taiga drama. Many viewers have called or emailed asking for information about the next Taiga drama.

The 55th Taiga drama is titled Sanada Maru. It is about the life of Yukimura Sanada, who is considered one of Japan’s last great commanders of the Sengoku — or warring — period. Yukimura’s actual name was Nobushige, and he was born to an exceptionally intelligent father, Masayuki Sanada, who was himself considered a great military strategist.

The Sengoku period lasted from 1467-1603 and was a time of great political turbulence, social upheaval, and almost constant military battles. Eventually, three warlords emerged as key figures  in unifying Japan and ending the warring period: Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Sanada Yukimura was aligned with Toyotomi, and led the defense of Toyotomi’s stronghold, Osaka Castle, against the much larger forces of Tokugawa. Sanada built a fortress on the periphery of Osaka Castle which came to be known as Sanada Maru. In the Siege of Osaka, the fortress was impenetrable, which helped solidify Sanada’s legendary status. He has been called “a hero who may appear once in a hundred years”.

Sanada Maru begins on Tuesday, February 16, at 8pm.

Ja, ne!

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4 Responses to The New Taiga Drama

  1. Yayoi says:

    aloha. is the Sunday evening broadcast of Sanada Maru a repeat of Tuesday night’s, or will be you running a different episode twice a week? mahalo.

  2. Steven says:

    Loved the first episode, my only complaint is that since I was watching it on Cable in SD, the edge of the picture was chopped off including some of the subtitles of names. I’m hopeful to see KIKU in HD eventually, but can you broadcast the SD version in letterbox format?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Hi Steven, KIKU is actually already broadcasting in HD! Are you watching us on cable or satellite or over-the-air? We are broadcasting in high definition over our 20.2 over-the-air channel. We requested HD channels from the cable companies, but so far, have not been able to get them to assign us a channel.

      Most programs that air on KIKU are subtitled by KIKU and we are careful to keep the subtitles in the letterbox format. However, the taiga drama is not subtitled by KIKU, so there is some cutoff at times. We realize this is not an ideal situation: we are broadcasting in HD, yet the cable companies are not taking our HD feed so there may be occasions when the formats are not compatible. Please bear with us patiently as we continue to work on getting an HD channel from the cable companies.

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