We have a new drama starting Sunday, 10/25, at 9pm. The Japanese title is Tennou no Ryoriban, or The Emperor’s Chef. It is based on the true story about Tokuzo Akiyama, who was a master chef in the Ministry of the Imperial Household from 1921 to 1989.

As a young boy (and second son) Tokuzo flitted from one thing to another, unconcerned about his future and unable to make a commitment. It was a source of great frustration for his father. So his father arranged for Tokuzo to marry the daughter of a family that owned a seaweed business. One day while delivering seaweed, the newly married Tokuzo is given a sample of a freshly fried cutlet that he finds so delicious, it overwhelms him. From that point on, Tokuzo has found his future. He is inspired to become a cook of western style food.

Tokuzo trains in Paris and at the young age of 26, he becomes the chef for the Emperor of Japan!

Ja, ne!



As a young boy growing up in the country

Tokuzo tastes a new food, and this awakens

his awareness and interest in cooking.

Tokuzo goes to Tokyo and Paris

to pursue the culinary arts.


Fighting against discrimination and prejudice,

he becomes a chef at the Ritz Hotel in Paris,

the epitome of high society and luxury.

At the young age of 26, he rises to become the Emperor’s Chef in Japan.

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5 Responses to Tennou no Ryoriban – The Emperor’s Chef

  1. Vanessa uyehara says:

    We look forward each Sunday to watching. Do you know where or how I can get an English version paperback.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      I was not able to find any English version of the book, but you might want to try searching yourself. The title is Tenno no Ryoriban. Good luck!

  2. John Ota says:

    The Empror Chef – I live on the Big Island. The first 20 minutes of this program came on with sound only, on 1 Nov 2015. No picture. Will KIKU TV replay this program at a later date? I would really appreciate some answers to my question. Thank you. John Ota

  3. Carol Chun says:

    I’m trying to watch the Emperor’s Chef but I can only hear the sound and unable to see any pictures. The commercials display fine so something must be wrong with this show.

  4. Esther Yonemura says:

    What happened to the picture of the Emperor’s Chef, on Sunday Nov 1….. So disappointing….it’s such a cute story and actors are so good

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