You’ll have even more reasons to stay at home on Sunday nights starting this weekend.

Do you remember the show Let It Be? This is the drama we aired last year about a middle-aged couple whose three sons have grown and moved out, leaving them with a large empty house. With her sons gone, instead of taking it easy, the wife, Aya, decides to live her dream and opens a café in their home.

The drama was about the people Aya hires to work in the café, and the relationships that develop between Aya, her husband, and their young workers. It was a very heart-warming drama written and produced by Fukuko Ishii, the same person who wrote the long-running Making It Through series. Her mastery at telling stories dealing with true-to-life issues and relationships is obvious when you watch her shows.

This Sunday, 3/15, we will air a 1-1/2 hour premier of Let it Be 2 starting at 8pm. Please don’t miss it!

Next Sunday, 3/22, we premier another drama series. I’ll write about Behind the Noren in my next blog.

Ja, ne!

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7 Responses to Stay at Home Sundays

  1. Rkitagawa says:

    Now that Let It Be and Oyaji Samurai are no longer on Kiku I am wondering if there’s hope for future episodes. LIB ended abruptly, no word that it was the end when the chonan came home to say they’d have to get out of their business since he and his family were moving in. OS ending was understandable but hopefully still open to seeing the little one grow up?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      So far, there are no sequels in the works for either series. We are hopeful (and think it’s likely) there will be a Let It Be 3. If there is, we’ll run it.

      I know it’s not the same as having a new series, but we will be re-airing Oyaji Samurai starting this September.

  2. r kitagawa says:

    Enjoying Let It Be. More information on actor portraying father. Name, bio, other roles. How many more episodes in current series? Appreciate program improvements. Also enjoy Oyaji Samurai. Actor info also plz.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Glad you are liking Let It Be (Naruyouni Narusa) and Oyaji Samurai (Yoidore Kotouji). I’m giving you the Japanese titles in case you want to search for more info on the internet on your own. (It’s more difficult to find information using the titles we created.)

      The actor playing the father in Let It Be is Hiroshi Tachi. You might remember him from the 2006 Taiga drama which aired on KIKU, Komyo ga Tsuji. He played Oda Nobunaga in that series. The episode that aired last night was #5 in the series. There are 11 episodes in total, so the final episode will air on May 17th.

      One interesting fact about Let It Be is the writer: Sugako Hashida. Her writing credits also include Oshin and Making It Through. Another interesting fact is that Pinko Izumi appeared in all three series.

  3. B Johnsen says:

    I’m glad to see a second season of Let It Be. I thought it was the best new modern drama in the last several years. Vivid characters, and believable situations and dialogue.

    • G Mattos says:

      What time will the TEMPEST be shown. It was schedule
      for Sundays from 9pm to 10pm. I enjoyed watching
      this show. Is it on another day and time.

      • Phyllis Kihara says:

        The final episode of The Tempest aired this past Sunday (3/15). This Sunday (3/22), a new drama titled Behind the Noren will begin airing in the 9-10pm time slot.

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