Yes, we’re saying sayonara to Soko ga Shiritai. After more than 20 years on KIKU, this Friday, 3/24/17, will be the last time we play the show.

We are sad, excited and nervous all at the same time. Sad because Soko ga Shiritai has been such a regular part of our lives for so long. The show had a great concept and was very well produced. It took us to Japan’s famous sites as well as its not so famous quaint back alleys, all the while sharing interesting things about the places, people, and foods of Japan. Its visiting reporters were people we could relate to, and they asked questions we were curious about, too. To this day, people still tell me their interest in visiting Japan was first spurred by watching Soko ga Shiritai.

Excited because although it’s the end of an era, it’s time to learn new things, see new places, and meet new people! We are the first to admit Soko ga Shiritai episodes are dated and have been played and replayed. And replayed. But it’s been difficult to find a replacement, especially at a price we could afford. Japanese programming is extremely expensive, which has made finding a replacement for Soko ga Shiritai extremely challenging. But you deserve to see the Japan of today and we’re excited to share more current programs about Japan with you.

And finally, nervous because there is no show being produced today that is exactly like Soko ga Shiritai. Many have tried to imitate it, but no one show is an exact replica. And since Soko ga Shiritai is no longer being produced, our solution has been to find a series of different programs with similar concepts that focus on the places, people, and foods of Japan. The first in this series is a program titled “Kaze ni Fukarete” or “The Current”. You’ll even recognize one of the hosts, Hiroshi Sekiguchi, from another KIKU show, Dotchi.  Please give these new shows a try and let us know what you think.

To usher in Soko ga Japan, we’re giving away a trip for two to Japan! Please tune in to Soko ga Japan starting Monday, March 27 for a chance to win. Each Monday and Thursday, we’ll be giving you a clue about somewhere in Japan. Each Tuesday and Friday, we’ll be giving you the answer to the previous night’s clue. There will be two questions/answers per week for five weeks. Collect the correct answers for all five weeks, then send in your 10 answers to KIKU-TV. We will randomly select a winner from all of the correct entries.

Monday – clue

Tuesday – answer to Monday’s clue

Thursday – clue

Friday – answer to Thursday’s clue

Thank you for supporting KIKU-TV and Soko ga Shiritai for so many years. We look forward to sharing more of Japan with you through Soko ga Japan.

Ja, ne!


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26 Responses to Sayonara to Soko ga Shiritai

  1. Mika says:

    The shows that are airing is really great, but I would like to see new drama for example Cain and Abel Japanese drama and I’m looking forward for this drama!

  2. Paul Crimmins says:

    Naotora:Lady Warlord sure is turning out to be a great show and the new Soko Ga Japan is ok but I sure miss 20 years of Soko Ga Shiritai. It’s been a couple of months but l and I’m sure many of your viewers really miss it also.You could watch the same episodes over and over again for years and still be entertained. If there is any way you can please find out who has the licence now and renew the series again I would pay to watch(and maybe many of your viewers would too.)Please try.

    PS – I KIKU TV. ☺

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We miss Soko ga Shiritai, too. Many viewers complained about Soko ga Shiritai when it was airing because the episodes were dated and had been rerun so many times. Yet, now that the show is gone, many viewers wish it was still running. Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-license or renew the series.

      We have been airing two newer series (under the Soko ga Japan umbrella) that give a more updated look at what’s happening in Japan. One is titled The Current, and the other is Beautiful Japan. While there is no show exactly like Soko ga Shiritai, these two shows provide a look at Japan today from different viewpoints. Together with Kuru Kuru Japan (Monday-Friday, 6:30-7pm), which has a greater focus on food and travel, we are trying to cover all the things Soko ga Shiritai did so well in one show.

      Thank you for your comments and please give the new Soko ga Japan shows a chance.

  3. donna mikasa says:

    I’m happy that Soko Ga Shiritai is now “retired”. It made me sad to see people who have obviously died since the time the original episode aired–especially the craftspeople and artisans. Many of the places that they visited have closed up, too and a lot has changed in 20+ years.

  4. Frances says:

    Soko ga Shiritai was good, but we’ve seen it so many times, it is really time for a new segment. The new Soko ga Japan with its present travelogue of beautiful, historic places is wonderful. But the previous segments had a bit much conversation, not showing much.

  5. Mark Kazuo Bradley says:

    Although I miss Soko Ga Shiritai, I appreciate the efforts of KIKU TV to provide an updated version in Soko Ga Japan. My wife and I truly appreciate having programs that highlight various aspects of Japanese Culture, History, Food, and Tradition is a blessing.

  6. Craig says:

    Will the News Express FCI shown at 9:00pm ever be subtitled?

  7. nelson goo of Las Vegas says:

    I am saddened that soko ga shiritai has come to an end. Growing up in Hawaii I am of Chinese decent. I grew up with Japanese values and traditions. This show taught me a lot. When I went to Japan. It was like the journeys saw on TV. Thank

  8. Ed says:

    Soko Ga Japan is not a program I really enjoy watching. Once in awhile, there is something on it that interests me. There is too much dialogue and the hosts are not interesting. Hope you will be able to find another reality-based program like Soko Ga Shiritai, which was a great program. Mahalo!

  9. Barbara Kudo says:

    I am also in the minority. I am enjoying the new show, Soko Ga Japan. I think I’ve watched each episode of the old Soko Ga at least 10 or more times. I don’t enjoy all the new episodes. The ones where they are in factories for a whole episode are not interesting. I like the shows where they go to different cities to see the scenery, talk to people, see the culture, etc.

  10. B Johnsen says:

    I’m glad to hear The Current is ending. It was terrible. I enjoy contemporary Tokyo and would have been very interested in exploring its neighborhoods, but this program was just poorly produced. The host was boring and had no interviewing skills at all. Camera work was poor, and cameras were constantly intruding into scenes. The ending format, where they sit around a big table with too many people and try to have a conversation, was painful to watch.

    Solo ga shiritai was great, but I think what people really miss about it was that it was quality program, well-produced, had hosts with great personalities who really connected with people, and was always interesting. That’s what I’ll be hoping for when I watch Beautiful Japan tonight.

    That said, I think the season of new dramas just ending was one of the best ever, so far I like the new Please Love Me well enough, and am REALLY looking forward to Behind the Noreen 3.

  11. Aaron says:

    I may be in the minority but I personally enjoy Soko Ga Japan, it’s a refreshing facelift from the original Soko series and I think it brings something contemporary to KIKU; I was thinkinga bout this, too, but it’s a bit bittersweet when you think about how many of the old-timers in Soko Ga Shiritai are probably long gone and all the places shown are probably very different.

    I think if you’re aiming to bring in new viewers then shows like Soko Ga Japan will help since it’ll be things that those new viewers can go see today, rather than pine away for what used to be 20 years ago.

    Although one downside is I’ll miss seeing myself on KIKU, having made it into one of the episodes haha. Still, KIKU, you have my vote, please see Soko Ga Japan through and see how it pans out 🙂

    • Maiko says:

      Of course, we realize that Soko Ga Shiritai was a really great show. Although Japanese culture, traditions and ethics of living haven’t changed, lately there have been new traditions, customs, and technology. Those new changes have rapidly and enormously changed the Japanese lifestyle, even surprising the Japanese. Therefore, we want to show KIKU viewers the new Japan and Japanese lifestyle through Soko Ga Japan. It can provide a chance to explore new experiences for all of us in Hawaii. We appreciate all of your comments and they encourage us a lot.

  12. Bobbi Song says:

    we have tried watching Soko ga Japan but don’t care for it. We watched and now miss Soko ga shiritai and although it was not current, enjoyed it immensely. It was a show about people and how they think – a real cultural show. We miss it and now have to find something to fill the void. Thanks for the memories. We also loved Toyama no kinsan and Hatchibori detectives. Mahalo

    • Maiko says:

      There is nothing great show like Soko Ga Shirita. We will air another show as a part of Soko Ga Japan from Fri 4/21/17. Hope you like it. Thank you for your comments!! Aloha

  13. Chelle says:

    I must agree with the other commentators. I want to love Soko ga Japan, but so far it has been difficult to keep my focus on these shows. There was a sense of nostalgia with Soko ga Shiritai that I grew up with, and I it miss terribly. I understand the reasons for trying to replace it, but it is such a shame.
    Unfortunately, many people I have spoken to about Soko ga Japan feel the same way, and most have discontinued watching altogether.
    I hope that the future changes will improve the content of what we see at 7 pm on most weeknights.
    Thank you for being open to viewers’ perspectives.

    • Maiko says:

      We uderstand what you and others feel about Soko Ga Japan. It’s composed by several shows, and “Beautiful Japan” as a part of Soko Ga Japan will start on Fri 4/21/17. Please try watching it. We hope you will like some of those:) Thank you for your precious comments.

  14. Izsmom says:

    Is there any hope in bringing back Soko Ga Shiritai? So far, Soko Ga Japan is boring. I end up falling asleep or turning the channel. Also, it’s so sad that there is only one comedy/drama series after, rather than two when you used to show Soko Ga Shiritai.

    • Maiko says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have license to air Soko Ga Shiritai anymore.
      Soko Ga Japan is composed by various series like “KURU KURU Japan”. Now we are airing “The Current”, but it will switch to another series soon that called “Beautiful Japan” which is focused on Japanese beautiful nature and lives. So please try watching it 🙂

  15. JoAnne Yamamoto says:

    Honestly, if the new Soko Ga Japan episodes are anything like the first episode, I’m truly disappointed. It was boring. Too much conversation, not enough cinematography. Maybe, it was because of the topic or theme of that episode. Didn’t like going back & forth between English & Japanese dialogue. Hoping the future episodes are better. Enjoyed the repeated episodes of Soko Ga Shiritai no matter how many times I saw them.

    • Maiko says:

      Soko Ga Japan is composed by various series like “KURU KURU Japan”. A series of “The Current” which we air now continues for a while. And after, it will switch to another series called “Beautiful Japan” which is focused on Japanese beautiful nature and lives. We want to provide viewers with new experience of Japan. We hope you would still enjoy some of that shows. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Mark says:

      I totally agree. The host is boring and there is just too much dialogue going on.

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