Based on a series of Japanese historical novels, Onihei Hankacho is about Heizo Hasegawa, the illegitimate and only son of the head of special police in Edo. Heizo faces resentment from his stepmother, so he runs away from home, becoming the head of a street gang and leading a fast life.
But when his father dies, Heizo realizes his father’s commitment to fighting crime and goes on to lead a band of samurai police and reformed criminal informants to solve difficult crimes. His actions cause a villain to nickname him Onihei, meaning Heizo, the demon.
While he was called a demon and feared, he was forgiving and merciful to those who committed a crime out of necessity even if they were criminals. Heizo even dedicated himself to establish and maintain a vocational training school for criminals.


Schedule :

    Air: Friday 8:00PM-9:00PM & Saturday 7:00PM-8:00PM
    Repeat: No Repeat

    Now airing new episode twice a week!

Japanese Title : Onihei Hankacho

Ending Theme : Kibou (Hope) / Toshiaki Tsushima

Air Dates : 3/12/21 – 6/26/21 (Total 23 Episodes)

Cast :

  • Heizo Hasegawa: Kichiemon Nakamura II
  • Tadasuke Sajima: Etsushi Takahashi
  • Jinzo Amano: Shinsuke Mikimoto
  • Kinya Kobayashi: Matagoro Nakamura III
  • Yusuke Sakai: Saburo Shinoda
  • Chugo Kimura: Toshinori Omi
  • Yasugoro Koyanagi: Teruyuki Kagawa
  • Hisae Hasegawa: Yumi Takigawa

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