The General's Daughter
The General's Daughter
2nd Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio is an AFP Military Nurse dedicated to saving lives. Beneath her benevolent exterior, however, lies a secret - she's a spy trained by her very own father, "Heneral" Santiago Guerrero, to get revenge against his sworn enemy, Brigadier General Marcial de Leon, the commander of the Northern Command of the AFP.

Unbeknownst to Rhian, she has been living a lie - that the father she has known and loved all her life was the enemy all along and has trained her to be used as a weapon against her real father. Rhian will find herself struggling between her love for her false family and the dictates of her conscience.
Total 90 Episodes
Sunday 6-7PM,
Saturday 6-7PM ,
& Sunday 5-6PM
Air Dates: 6/5/21 - 6/27/21
(Up to Episode #12)
All Of Me
In this romantic fantasy drama, Manuel Figueras is a devoted doctor who decides to leave his flourishing practice behind after his wife passes away. He retreats to a simpler life living on an island and meets Lena Dimaculangan, a young woman who challenges him to embrace life again. Despite the vast difference in their ages, they fall in love and marry.

While on their honeymoon, Manuel is pursued by a hired killer and escapes death when he stumbles upon a magic portal that transforms him to his younger self. The younger Manuel discovers that time on Earth has advanced and Lena is now happily married to his former protégé. Manuel must make a decision: seek revenge and win Lena back or start a brand new chapter of his life.
Airs: Saturday 5-6PM
Air Dates: 10/10/20 - 6/26/21
(Up to Episode #38)
Beautiful Strangers
Kristine befriends a homeless girl named Leah, only to learn that her real name is Joyce and she was sexually abused by Kristine’s father. Eventually, the truth comes out. Will their friendship be able to withstand the reality?
Total 43 Episodes.
Sunday 6-7PM,
Saturday 6-7PM ,
& Sunday 5-6PM
Air Dates: 2/21/21 - 5/30/21
Adobo Nation


ADOBO NATION is a weekly magazine talk program that blends elements of news features and lifestyle topics relevant to Filipino-Americans living in the US.

From the most talked about issues in the US and in the Philippines, to Hollywood headliners, to the latest fashion fads & finds, vacation hot spots, savory dining destinations and culinary how-tos, the latest big-screen blockbusters or newest music & album releases — ADOBO NATION is that and so much more!
Airs: Sunday 4-4:30PM
Repeats: No repeat
Air Dates: 12/10/17 - Ongoing
TV Patrol
The flagship national network news broadcast of ABS-CBN in the Philippines, delivering news, significant events and information about the Philippines and the Filipino Nation. It is the longest-running Filipino language evening newscast since its inception on March 2, 1987. TV Patrol Weekend edition on Sundays. Not subtitled.
TV Patrol
Airs: Monday-Friday 5:30-6:30PM
Repeats: Monday-Friday 5-6AM
* * * * *
TV Patrol Linggo
Airs: Sunday 4:30-5PM
Balitang America
A 30-minute nightly news program of ABS-CBN International in the Philippines. Balitang America is the reliable resource of Filipinos in the United States and Canada for news stories, events, special reports and in-depth interviews.
Airs: Monday-Friday 5-5:30PM
Repeats: Monday-Friday 6-6:30AM

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