KIKU’s re-airing of Oshin began on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, and ends tonight, Tuesday,  January 14, 2020. Thank you for letting us into your homes and your hearts for the last 50 weeks. We’ve loved reading your comments about how Oshin touched you and your families. Please feel free to share more comments here.


We are sharing some comments posted before.

  • Thank you for Re-airing Oshin. When it first aired back in the 80’s, my family would have dinner at my grandmas house, the six of us huddled around the tv watching what would unfold. 30+ years later, it continues to bring my family together, as my father and mother -in-law and I talk about what’s happened the night before or what’s to come in Oshin’s life. As a little girl myself, back in the 80s, Im pretty sure I wasn’t *watching* it like my parents were, but I remember clearly it’s effect on my family, and how they would speak of Oshin. And today, I certainly share those same feelings, and appreciation of the program. In documenting the hardships, perseverance, and resilience of Oshin Tanokura, this show masterfully shares Japan’s history and it’s culture throughout history, and all the while documenting how things have changed as the decades have passed (ex. How technology changed businesses; how interactions and expectations within specific relationships (husband/wife, MIL/DIL) had changed). As you can tell, I am a huge fan; and am thankful I was able to appreciate this as an adult as my parents had before me. (by Terri Koyanagi)
  • Happy New Year’s! Thank you so much for Oshin. Oshin really became apart of my life this past year!! I hope one day KIKU may consider bringing in another Asadorama morning drama like Oshin to Hawaii. The formatting was very unique and something my ohana has come to enjoy so much. Mahalo again KIKU, wishing you all a healthy New Year, and looking forward to the next Taiga Drama. (by Eric)
  • Before Oshin, I was only interested in Samurai movies like Zatoishi and lone wolf, But Oshin is masterpiece like no other! It is study of Japanese history, culture, and people during that period. It also represents a broad spectrum of human nature in it’s most intense form. Thank you for Oshin! (by Lief Koyanagi)
  • once again I am saddened by the ending of a show that I enjoyed watching. personally there were lessons to learn from in today’s world of living and to survive. I don’t think I will forget the story of Oshin. looking forward to other dramas and series. programs that I can learn from and enjoy. just three more episodes of Oshin and I never missed an episode. thank you so much. (by maluhia kauanoe)
  • Truly enjoyed watching Oshin. Hope to watch more classic dramas in 2020. A replay of Oshin would be nice. (by Carolyn C Inouye)
  • Oshin is the bomb! Is there anyway that one can purchase the DVDS…?? I even had a friend in Japan to find them but they will not be with English subtitles. This is a great TV series of drama and history! (by thehauoli)
  • Oshin has totally got my attention from episode one just viewed Sunday/Tuesday episodes WOW the transformation of each actress. The age process of Oshin, to me was smoothe, in my mind I still can visualize Oshin the little feisty girl, the teenager that became a tough resilient mature woman who took care of her family and now a much older Oshin. Still. feisty and resilient but her state of mind is tough. (by maluhia kauanoe)


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4 Responses to Oshin

  1. A Nāpua says:

    Oshin, My husband and I enjoyed watching Oshin. A look into the lives of the Japanese people at that time, traditions, culture, customs, and society. We loved the storyline and the characters. We also loved the actors and actresses too. They fit their characters. We loved the fact that you replay it again in the week. This allowed us to catch the repeat if we missed an episode. Or, sometimes we’d watch the repeat again if we catch anything we didn’t understand or pickup the first time.

  2. Laurie says:

    We enjoy watching Behind The Noren 4 every week. We loved the Oishii Gohan series a lot. These type of shows we are glued to the tv. I know the Oshin series is over, will you be re-airing this series once again in the future? Please continue showing all these heartwarming type shows. Thank you very much!

  3. Stanford Kanehiro says:

    Oshin is a program that we really enjoyed and followed. Unfortunately, we were on the mainland from 12/24-1/07/2020. Is there any way that we can view the important segments that we missed?
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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