We started airing another Omiya-san series last night. This is the seventh season of Omiya-san to air on KIKU. The last one (Season 6) aired quite some time ago, in 2011.

Do you like Omiya-san? If you haven’t watched this detective series, please take a look. The main character is Kazaburo Torii, a detective who specializes in solving cold cases. He has an unassuming, innocent look, but behind that is a sharp mind and a super memory that helps him recall facts and details from past crimes and solve the seemingly unsolvable.

Episode one is in two parts; the second half airs next Thursday, 1/19, from 9-10pm.

Ja, ne!

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6 Responses to Omiya-san 7

  1. Kat says:

    Can you please tell me the title of the ending song for Omiya-san 7 and who sings it. Thank you!

  2. Gary F says:

    I like this series too….Princess Di, is that You?
    Ojiya Samurai is awesome…..

  3. Diane K. says:

    thanks for bringing Omiya-San series back. I had contacted your site about 3 yrs. ago requesting that your station show new episodes. I am very glad that you have season 7 showing now. This is one of my favorite detective dramas.

  4. We LIKE Omiya-san from long time ago!
    So Happy to see him and the team. Hope the show continues for many months. Yokatta desune.
    Mahalo to the KIKU TV Team!

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