In January this year, we aired a special titled “Letter to Mom in Heaven” as part of our New Year’s week of specials. If you didn’t see it in January (or even if you did), you’ll have a chance to see it this Wednesday when we air it in place of Mystery Theatre. It’s a very bittersweet story about a family trying to heal itself after the death of the wife and mother.

The husband, Haruki Mizunuma, is a workaholic who focused all his energy on his career, leaving the raising of his young son to his wife, Kyoko. But after Kyoko passes away, Haruki is faced with raising his son alone. This is even more difficult when his son Ren becomes despondent and loses the will to live.

At the one year anniversary of Kyoko’s death, Haruki and Ren travel to Kyoko’s hometown to visit her father. But Haruki has another motive for the visit. He wants to search for the meaning behind the “tree of happiness” Kyoko wrote about in her diary.

Ja, ne!


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3 Responses to Letter to Mom in Heaven

  1. AMOK says:

    The young actor who played “Ren” gave a stellar performance. How gifted this young actor is with a promising career if he continues.

    I was reduced to heart wretching tearful sobs after he released his mother’s ashes into the stream and cried out for her!

    Did we not all share some deep, deep lost during our childhood years that may have been so profound we didn’t know or have a way to release the painful experience?

    The performance touched me, even at jaded 70 years old.

  2. Jae Kang says:

    Love to watch again.
    When can watch mystery theatre?

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