We are very honored for winning an award at the 38th Annual Telly Awards.

This award was presented for KIKU’s original segment “Ammoyo Kadi” under the category of TV Broadcast/Cultural Programming, in recognition of its educational value and providing a service to the community. The short-segment we won the award for is about traditional Filipino tattoos.

Go to check the segment in archives.

This is the trophy!!


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10 Responses to KIKU-TV Won an Award!!

  1. Albert Calonod says:

    We want more “MyDestiny” Dramas with the same characters intact…..Mahalo KIKU for your most deserving award!!!We truly love you!!!

  2. Please play Ashita Mama Ga Inai, Our House, More varied selection!

  3. Kasumi says:

    Congratulation to the Kiku and the other staff!!! But, I would like more new japanese dramas like Cain and Abel 2016 japanese drama, or Kahogo to Kahoko 2017 japanese drama. I’m looking forward to this dramas!!!

  4. Lance Okimoto says:

    Disappointed in the lack of japanese dramas. Seems like there are more other asian drama series with lower quality. Would appreciate more japanese drama series!

  5. Jessica Miriga says:

    Congratulations, KIKU! Great job, Maiko and KIKU-staff =)

  6. Yayoi Winfrey says:

    omedettou gozaimashita!

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