“Fieldwork research on local companies and institutes in Hawaii”


In 2014, the Japanese government’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology certified Kansai University Senior High School as a Super Global High School in recognition of the school’s dedication to preparing students to serve as global leaders. One example of this is a special program called “Overseas Study Tour”, in which Kansai University Senior High School students conduct fieldwork both domestically and internationally on topics such as global society and global business.

KIKU-TV is honored to have been selected by Kansai University Senior High School as one of the companies its students visited for their fieldwork in Hawaii.

Five students from the school visited KIKU-TV on October 30, 2017: Kana, Raiki, Rikako, Rina, and Shuhei. We found them to be intelligent, well-rounded (in sports, music, and academics), very well prepared, and full of tough questions about our business. They left a strong, positive impression on us, and we are confident Japan’s future is bright in the hands of young people like these.

Last year’s students produced a fieldwork book after they returned to Japan. This year’s students will also be creating a book. We hope we were able to contribute some good material for their book.

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And they gave us this nice souvenir. It’s an original Kawara-Senbei with their logo!! Yummy-yummy!!

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Special thanks to Kana, Raiki, Rikako, Rina, and Shuhei.
See you someday!

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