EYE ON KIKU Annoucement:

Production of KIRIN GA KURU in Japan was halted for a total of three months due to COVID-19. The last episode which was provided to KIKU-TV before production was halted is Episode 21, which will air July 7th on KIKU-TV. KIKU will air Special Programming in place of Kirin Ga Kuru Starting July 14,2020 until new episodes of KIRIN GA KURU are provided. Listed below is our schedule for the special programs to air in place until further notice. We ask for your patience and support during the unexpected and temporary pause in production. Thank you.

Tuesday, 7/14, 8-9pm: Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune – Part 1

Sunday, 7/19, 7-8pm: A Tiny School in the Mountains

Tuesday, 7/21, 8-9pm: Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune – Part 2

Sunday, 7/26, 7-8pm: In Pursuit of Tuna

Tuesday, 7/21, 8-9pm: Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune – Part 3 (final)

Sunday, 8/2, 7-8pm: Brave Maguro Hunters – Part 1

Tuesday, 8/4, 8-9pm: Seven Days – Part 1

Sunday, 8/9, 7-8pm: Brave Maguro Hunters – Part 2 (final)

Tuesday, 8/11, 8-9pm: Seven Days – Part 2 (final)

Sunday, 8/16, 7-8pm: Tidy Up Your Home – Part 1

Tuesday, 8/18, 8-9pm: Kirisaki Jack – Part 1

Sunday, 8/23, 7-8pm: Tidy Up Your Home – Part 2 (final)

Tuesday, 8/25, 8-9pm: Kirisaki Jack – Part 2 (final)

Sunday, 8/30, 7-8pm: Izakaya Moheji 3 – Part 1

Tuesday, 9/1, 8-9pm: Detective Inukai – Part 1

Sunday, 9/6, 7-8pm: Izakaya Moheji 3 – Part 2 (final)

Tuesday, 9/8, 8-9pm: Detective Inukai – Part 2 (final)

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25 Responses to Eye On KIKU-Kirin Ga Kuru

  1. Laurie says:

    Thank you very, very much for resuming Kirin ga Kuru! We look forward every week watching this show!

  2. Kay says:

    Will there be a continuation of Oishii Gohan in the future?
    Also, Hanayome Noren since the main actress passed away, Nogiwa Yoko? Loved Oshin. Saw it several times in the pass long ago. Love all of the Mystery Theatre shows,
    Detective shows, too.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      So far, there is no series continuation of Oishii Gohan. And, as you pointed out, no continuation of Hanayome Noren since Nogiwa Yoko passed away.

  3. Howard Sugai says:

    A friend in Japan informed me that Kirin Ga Kuru, Chapter 22, aired last week in Japan. Could you please advise when we can expect to see the resumption of Kirin Ga Kuru?

  4. Jane says:

    Has the Japan production company been able to resume filming of the remaining episodes of Kirin ga Kuru? I know you are up to Episode 12 of the first airing. How many more episodes will air? Will miss this so much if they are unable to complete the show!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Yes, production of Kirin ga Kuru has resumed. We will begin airing the new episodes, beginning with episode #22, on Tuesday, October 13.

  5. Shigotonin says:

    Any news about new jidai-geki show after Lone Wolf and Cub?
    Repeating old asadora Oshin was great idea. How about old taiga dramas?
    Couple of year ago NGN re-aired Atsu-hime (2008) and Dokuganryu Masamune (1987). It was great.
    Would be great to see some classic taigas on KIKU.
    Also it would be great to see more Hissatsu Shigotonin specials.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Thank you for your suggestions. We are working on a new jidaigeki to air when Lone Wolf ends. Re-airing old taiga dramas is a difficult choice because NHK does not offer a discount off the license fee just because it aired before. Re-airing Oshin was a big gamble but we’re glad we did it. Even if it was dated and people saw it before, the story is timeless and still relevant today.

  6. RKH says:

    Shucks I wanted to see those specials. Also can you please show Partners 15, Iryu 4 and 5 and Dr X 4, 5, 6?
    Please they are so good. Thank you

  7. Ronny Higuchi says:

    With the rebroadcast of episode 1 of Kirin Ga Kuru which was 90 minutes long, only episode #23 of Oishii Gohan was shown. When will episode #24 of Oishii Gohan be shown? Appreciate the help.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Episodes #24 & 25 were supposed to air on August 9, but episode #24 was skipped in error. It did air the following day on Monday, 8/10, but will not be airing again. We’re sorry for the error.

  8. Blaine says:

    The series Shogun Kishu Hanshu Tokugawa Yoshimune was very enjoyable and a great fill-in until Kirin Ga Kuru production and showings return.

    I was disappointed to realize this was only a 3-part series. Will there be more episodes of Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune in the future?

    • Kei says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the show. Unfortunately, it was the one-time special drama TV-Asahi made as the first pure 4K Jidai-geki. It was originally a 3-hour program but we broke into 3 parts.

  9. aRetireeWithNothingBettertoDoButCatchTypos says:

    Is there a typo in the date for the “Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune – Part 3 (final)”?

  10. Dorothea Lee says:

    I just enjoyed the Japanese programs and have the main TV all to myself. I watch all the current programs for quite a while and love it. My favorite is Kirin Ga Kuru, Lone Wolf with Cub, Mystery Theater, Oshen and Partners 14. Partners 14 reminds me of Columbo and just love that program. Please continue to broadcast these shows, it relieves some of the current problems and stress that we are facing today (the Americans I know that are good, the virus, the laws and makers of our USA. Anyway, these programs are my views and concerns, thank you very much. MAHALO

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Please watch the reruns of episodes #1-#21 of Kirin ga Kuru starting this Sunday, 8/2, at 7pm.

  11. David T. says:

    Sorry, I did not where to contact you. I know Oishii Gohan will not end on 7/5. Could you please edit in the correct date of the finale?

  12. Aileen says:

    Hi KIKU tv,

    I just love the Kirin G kuru shows, but I missed the beginning of the series. Is there a chance you will Make available some episodes missed via your website streaming video? Or rerun again?

    I love it so much I’m willing to purchase whole series. Can you tell me where I may do that pls. Thank you

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Episodes #1-#21 of Kirin ga Kuru will be repeated every Sunday from 7-8pm and Tuesday from 8-9pm starting Sunday, 8/2. A different episode airs each day. For example, #1 will be Sunday, 8/2, Episode #2 will be Tuesday, 8/4. Episode #3 will be Sunday, 8/9, and so on.

  13. Milton Yamamoto says:

    Thanks for the explanation of Kirin-Ga-Kuru. WE will miss it, till it’s return. It’s a GREAT show. Secondly, any word on a new “Dotchi”? Thirdly, any word on Ishizuka and his adventures? Lastly, we’ll miss Lone Wolf, and wonder if it’ll be replaced by another good “SAMURAI” show.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Hope you saw that we will be re-airing episodes #1-#21 of Kirin ga Kuru beginning this Sunday, 8/2. NHK resumes airing new episodes in Japan on August 30, but they have not informed KIKU when the new episodes will be available for us yet.

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