One of the most popular and most requested series on KIKU is coming back for a third season: Doctors 3. Once again, the handsome, kind, and capable Dr. Sagara will have to use his subtle (and sometimes devious) skills to make things happen at Dogami General Hospital, especially when dealing with his nemesis, the ambitious and egotistical Dr. Moriyama.

Doctors 3 begins Monday, March 21, at 8pm. There are nine episodes in this series. The Japanese title is Saikyou no Meii.

Ja, ne!

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5 Responses to Doctors #3 is coming!!!

  1. Larry S. says:

    Watching Doctors #2 right now. So glad it’s on. I love the writers of this program, they push all the right buttons and the characters are great. Excited about Doctors #3. What would really be great is if Fat Detective returned. Thanks KIKU and keep up the great work.

  2. kan miyake says:


    Ja ne !!!!! 🙂

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