I had an opportunity to attend the grand opening performance of Allegiance on Broadway last Sunday night. This is the musical inspired by the true life experience of George Takei, who also stars in the show. As a child, Takei and his family were relocated to an internment camp following the attack on Pearl Harbor. His memories of that experience form the basis of Allegiance.

My great grandparents, grandparents, and parents lived in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Fortunately, they were not relocated to any internment camp. But I know they experienced some form of doubt about their loyalty in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

And this is what is at the heart of Allegiance: loyalty. The war forced Japanese American people to choose loyalties. And those choices or non-choices tore people and families apart.

If you are traveling to New York, I urge you to see Allegiance. It is such an important story about the Japanese American experience that is relevant to everyone, no matter what your ethnic background.

Ja, ne.



Tiffcom 2015

I’ve written about Tiffcom before. It’s the Tokyo International Film Festival and content showcase that takes place each October in Tokyo. The content trade show portion lasts three whole days, and consists of a large exhibition area filled with booths manned by stations and producers hoping to sell their programs. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet with producers of programs from all over Japan, all at one location.

For us, it’s a chance to reconnect with producers and stations we have long established relationships with. But it’s equally beneficial to be able to meet new stations and producers we have not done business with before and learn about their products.

I’ve attended Tiffcom about four or five times since its inception 12 years ago, and always come back inspired. Sometimes, I’m inspired by a new genre of programs I learn about. Other times, I’m inspired by the establishment of a new relationship.

This time, I was most inspired by a group of stations from smaller cities in Japan. Each wanted to share programs that showcase the food, sightseeing highlights, and cultural strengths of their home town. It was clear everyone takes pride in their home town. And, interestingly, the stations that seemed to have the most pride and inspired me the most were the stations located in the hard hit Tohoku areas of Iwate, Miyagi, Sendai, and Fukushima. Heartwarming stories are plentiful in areas that have experienced hardship.

We plan to air many new programs in 2016, some of them from these smaller stations. I think once you’ve seen them, you’ll be inspired, too.

Ja, ne!


True Love and Deceit

Because we truly love our viewers, I want to let you know that we deceived you — although not on purpose — about the upcoming premier of Love and Deceit. We told you episode #1 would be 1-1/2 hours long. We were wrong. It is only one hour long. So Love and Deceit’s premier episode will air on Sunday, July 5th, from 8-9pm, and Behind the Noren will begin at its regular time of 9pm.

Reset your DVRs!!!


Love and Deceit

We’re starting a new drama on Sunday, July 5th, at 8pm. The Japanese title is Utsukushiki Wana, which literally translates to Beautiful Snare. This is a drama about relationships and the complicated games people play trying to trap one another. Beautiful Snare didn’t really translate well in English, so we retitled it “Love and Deceit”.

And it really is all about love and deceit. Rika Nishida is a 34-year-old woman who has finally come to terms with the fact that her three year affair with the handsome, ambitious, and married managing director of the company she works for is going nowhere and has to end. However, before Rika can end it, Sota Kashiwagi dumps her. When Rika learns Sota’s wife Mitsuko orchestrated the break-up, she is furious and vows to take revenge.

So begins a game of deceit and entrapment, all fueled by love.

The first episode is 1-1/2 hours long, so it will run from 8-9:30pm. This means Behind the Noren on 7/5 will run from 9:30-10:30pm.

Ja, ne!

KIKU’s viewers are the BEST


It has been a little over 4 months since launching the new site. To enhance your experience, I’ve made a commitment to update and monitor the site daily. I have listened to your feedback and have consequently added tons of information on our programs so that you can find out all you need to know right here on You – our viewers – are our main priority, and you all deserve a wonderful, informative, and flawless website. This website is not “kiku’s” site; it is our viewers site. That being said, I want to do everything possible to continue to improve the website and still need your input. If you want more information on our programming, please let me know. If you have seen something cool on another site and want it here on, please let me know. If you think something can be more user-friendly, please let me know. All suggestions are welcome!


Jessica Miriga