Can you believe it? It’s already September!

Which means…it’s time for our Autumn (September) specials!!!

This year, our specials are airing the week of September 14. If you’re a long-time KIKU viewer who followed Making It Through throughout all 20 seasons, you’ll be excited to learn there is a new 2015 special. We will be airing the four hour special on two nights: Monday, 9/14, and Sunday, 9/20. A lot has happened to the Okakura family since the last special. Some sad news, some happy news, and, as usual, many things for the sisters to deal with and figure out.

On Wednesday, 9/16, which is usually our Mystery Theatre night, we are airing a Seichi Matsumoto special, Black Gospel. Matsumoto’s signature style is intrigue, and Black Gospel will not disappoint. It is about a crime that takes place in 1959, a time following the war when Japanese were very sensitive about how foreigners in their country were treated, so as not to create international problems. When a young foreign priest is suspected in the murder of a young woman, detectives must handle the investigation with great sensitivity. And this becomes a greater problem when their investigations uncover shadowy business dealings behind the church.

Our Thursday special is Pro Bono, about a young woman seeking revenge against an attorney who refused to defend her younger brother, who was wrongly accused of a crime. When her brother is sentenced to life and dies in prison, the young woman, Kiriko, is determined to avenge the injustice done to her brother.

Friday, 9/18, we have a Mission to Kill special. We aired a Mission to Kill special last year, and this program is a continuation of that special, in which four professional assassins are hired by victims of crimes seeking revenge.

If you love animals, you’ll love our Saturday special, Kinako’s Challenge. It is a documentary about a police dog named Kinako who just could not pass her dog exams, and the trainer who never gave up on her.

Following Kinako, is a special starring our popular “fat detective” Hidehiko Ishizuka, and another fat guy, Sumo Master Furiwake. The two travel to Odawara and Hakone playing an eating game. The winner gets to eat to his heart’s content, while the loser is left with an empty stomach.

Please tune in for our September specials!

Ja, ne!



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14 Responses to Autumn Specials

  1. Alan Asakura says:

    Interested in streaming tv. I live in Waipahu.
    Why can’t I see your station on the air using a 50 mile rated antenna? All of Honolulu is visible and I live on the 12th floor.


  2. James says:

    Enjoyed the 4hr special of Making it Through and how the families are doing. Surprised that grandpa Okakura was gone in the story but a search of Ken Utsui, who played him last, revealed that he had actually died over a year ago. So sad to hear.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We’re glad you enjoyed the special. The Making It Through series aired on KIKU for 20 years, so people have seen many changes in the characters over the years. We’re hoping the producer continues to make more specials!

  3. Thelma Edo says:

    We did not get to see Pro Bono in its entirety here on Maui. Either the show was defective or cable was interrupted. Are you planning to show it again soon?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Pro Bono aired on Thursday evening from 8-10pm, and we re-aired it on Friday, from 12N-2pm. There was no problem with our Thursday evening telecast, so you are probably referring to the Friday retelecast. Our engineers were working on our transmitter on Friday morning, and there was a slight hitch when they completed work at noon. As a result, the first 30 minutes of the rebroadcast of Pro Bono was dark on Friday.

      We are planning to re-air Pro Bono sometime in 2016, but do not have an exact date yet.

  4. Greg says:

    Will “Pro Bono” be rerun some time in the future? Missed the Thursday airing.

  5. ann manuel says:

    Would like to know when the continuation of September 10th episode will be since you have Pro Bono scheduled for Thursday. I hope you are not leaving us “hanging” till Partners 12.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      The continuation of the three part episode will be on Thursday, 9/24. Sorry it was interrupted by our September specials.

  6. Larry S. says:

    Aloha, was looking forward to Doctors tonight. Is it over? Really enjoyed that program. The producers, writers, etc… are genius! Thanks.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Yes, Doctors 2 ended on 9/7. Next week (9/21), we begin series #3 of Doctor X! Totally different series, but also very omoshiroi.

  7. L Analu says:

    Domo for specials, KIKU! We look forward to them with eagerness. We are interested in more background on Pro Bono, but cannot seem to find on Internet. What is Japanese title? Who are main actors? Always arigatou for KIKU’s consideration for viewers. -LA

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