Advertising Opportunities on KIKU-TV

KIKU-TV’s high quality, multi-cultural programming and our loyal audience base provides clients with a strong reason to add the station to your marketing mix. Whether you are seeking a tightly targeted buy focused on a specific ethnic group or desire to reach a combination of cultural backgrounds, we will work with you to create a schedule targeted to your needs.

Achieve Greater Overall Impact

Many advertisers find that KIKU-TV is the perfect complement to their base media buy. By focusing on one or more of KIKU-TV’s distinct audience groups, advertisers are able to communicate directly with the target they are seeking on a continued and focused basis.

Reach Your Target More Cost-Effectively

KIKU-TV’s wide range of programming and advertising options, coupled with reasonable advertising rates, allows us to build effective advertising schedules aimed at specific target audiences efficiently. 

Reach English and Non-English-Speaking Audiences

KIKU-TV is one of the few media options available in Hawaii for advertisers looking to communicate with a multi-cultural, ethnic audience. With its unique blend of foreign and English language programming, KIKU-TV clearly reaches a more ethnically diverse group of viewers than competitive mainstream stations. Equally important, the fact that most foreign language programming is subtitled in English further broadens KIKU-TV’s appeal and reach for advertisers.

Option to Run Ads in English or In-Language

While most of our clients choose to run their ads in English, some opt to run “in language”. Whether you wish to run an ad in English, Japanese, Ilocano or Tagalog, our staff is available to assist you in producing and/or translating your commercial.

Advertiser-Friendly Purchasing Program

KIKU-TV is committed to providing optimum value for the ad dollar spent. We can structure your buy for maximum impact with the funds available. KIKU-TV has a package to fit your needs.

Tokubetsu Advertising Package

Tokubetsu is the Japanese word for special. And special is the best way to describe this advertising opportunity. Tokubetsu is a high-value, high-impact annual television marketing program that delivers a targeted message in a targeted TV schedule at a great price. Tokubetsu is designed specifically for Hawaii’s small businesses which need a big impact from a relatively modest advertising investment. Simply stated, it is the most cost-efficient and value-driven retail package offered by the station.

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General Manager

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