I regularly receive comments from you — our viewers — with suggestions for shows you’d like to see on KIKU. Your level of knowledge about Japanese programs, actors, music, and/or other details never fails to impress me.

Many times, the programs you suggest are programs already under negotiation for future airing on KIKU. But sometimes, you inform us about new programs we were not aware of or had not considered yet. That amazes me.

We appreciate your knowledge of Japanese programs and your suggestions. Thank you.

Ja, ne!

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4 Responses to You Impress Me

  1. Kelly says:

    Can you also comment on which side of the escalator you should be standing on so that others who want to pass you, can? I heard it’s different for Tokyo and Osaka.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      I’ve passed this on to JP Lam so he can investigate it as a possible Naruhodo segment. I just returned from a week in Tokyo, where those not passing on the escalator stood on the left.

  2. R Matsumoto says:

    Keep learning about Japan customs. Could you comment o which side of the sidewalk should you walk. In Kyoto walking on the right side this old guy just about ran me over. What is the correct side to walk on the side walk. Can you comment on walking and eating in Japan, we eat ice cream and shave ice while walking in Hawaii how is it Japan?

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