Many viewers write me with their suggestions to re-air programs we aired in the past. I receive suggestions all the time from people asking us to replay old taiga dramas or Oshin or old samurai dramas. Conversely, I also receive comments asking why we are re-airing programs we recently aired, like Lone Wolf with Cub or Seven Detectives.

I thought it would help to explain why we can re-air some programs and cannot re-air others.

You see, we don’t own the programs we air. We license them from rights holders and each program we license comes with strict terms that govern the dates and number of times we must run the program. This is why we can’t just pull old programs we’ve aired before off the shelf to air again anytime we choose. Once a license expires, we don’t have that option. We would need to re-license the programs and pay a fee all over again. The programs we are re-airing right now fall within our license agreement terms and have to be re-aired.

Still, I love hearing your suggestions about programs you’d like to see. It helps serve as a guide when we are researching new programs to license. Please keep your suggestions coming.

Ja ne, Phyllis

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2 Responses to Why we can re-air some programs and can’t re-air others

  1. Arielle Leah F Michael says:

    So enjoyed Lone Wolf with Cub. Thank you for showing this. The actors were wonderful…especially the one who played Ogami Itto.

    Will you be able to run older samurai series? I remember in my youth watching Abarenbo Shogun. That was a very long time ago!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      So glad you enjoyed Lone Wolf with Cub. We are currently working on a new samurai program to air when the rebroadcast of Lone Wolf is complete. If we were to re-air Abarenbo Shogun again, we would have to pay a new license fee and translate and subtitle the episodes all over again. There are other viewers who would like to see this series again, while others who want to see a new series.

      I’m curious: which would you prefer: Abarenbo again or a new samurai drama?

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