Detective dramas are big in Japan, and we normally have one or two on our schedule at the same time (in addition to our Mystery Theatre, which is usually also a detective-type drama). Right now, we are airing Doubles (Thursdays at 8pm) and Partners 9 (Thursdays at 9pm). Partners is a long-time favorite amongst our viewers, but we’ve also heard that a lot of you like Doubles.  You’ve told us that your other favorites are the Asami Mystery Theatre series and our Fat Detective series. (Stay tuned for news about Fat Detective 2.) Do any of you remember the Investigator Mariko series? We are considering bringing new episodes of this back.

Which is your favorite? Are you interested in seeing Investigator Mariko again?

Getting back to the current detective series, both dramas are ending soon. The last episode of Doubles is next Thursday, April 3rd. The following week — on April 10th — we begin a new drama titled “853”. This stars Yasufumi Terawaki as Detective Shinnosuke Kamo. The number 853 refers to the busy precinct where Detective Kamo used to work. That is, before he accidentally (?) shot a criminal in his custody. After the shooting incident, Detective Kamo was reassigned to a smaller rural jurisdiction.

For 10 years, Detective Kamo keeps his nose to the grind despite his demotion to a smaller precinct. But one day, he is called upon to put his excellent detective skills back to work in the 853.

The last episode of Partners 9 airs on April 17th. The following week, we begin airing Partners 10! Did you know that in Japan, they are already airing Partners 12?

Last week, I wrote about jidaigeki, and mentioned a new show we will begin airing on April 4th titled “Mission to Kill”. (This is about assassins who are hired by victims to avenge their crimes.) Although this program is a samurai drama, I would consider it a detective drama, too, because the samurai police are tasked with solving the crimes, just like modern detectives.

Tune in to all our different detective dramas!

Ja, ne.



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23 Responses to What’s Your Favorite Detective Drama?

  1. Joey S. says:

    Hagurei Keji . The warm & classic detective series. Always left you feeling good at the end. Great before bed to watch.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Don’t miss the Mission To Kill special coming up on Friday, September 12th, at 8pm. This was one of his Makoto Fujita’s final appearances before his passing.

  2. Ally says:

    I don’t think I can begin to stretch how happy I was to find this. My favorite show you guys ever played was Omiya-san, because it was the one thing that always brought me and my grandma closer to each other ever since I was a little kid.

    I know that it’s one of the older series, and you guys have already re-run it in the past, but is there anyway you guys could start playing it again? It really holds a lot of sentimentality for her and I, and I’d especially like to see the new special they made just a couple months ago be aired in subtitles. (I’d buy a DVD of the series, but I can’t find it anywhere no matter how hard I look.)

    Oh! And the rest of my family and I really love Kawaii Detective! I hope that returns too! ^^

  3. Sadako1718 says:

    I am a big fan of “Aibo” and Detective Ushio. Mr. Sakyo is brilliant and Detective Ushio and his wife are very humane. I like that series because the drama is very straightforward and serious.

  4. Cheryl Wago says:

    Whatever happened to Hagure Detective? Is it ever coming back and what is the name of the actor, who portrayed Hagure?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      The actor’s name is Makoto Fujita and he passed away in February, 2010. KIKU is currently airing a series on Friday and Saturday nights titled Mission to Kill. Makoto Fujita appears in this series.

      We do not have plans to re-license the old Hagure Keiji series. (We cannot legally re-air old series without re-licensing.)

      • Joey S. says:

        This is sad to hear we”ll not see Fujita San on KIKU. Another great Samurai (detective) show was “Aborenbo Shogun”. That’s a super classic. Can we see that again?

    • Joey S. says:

      I don’t remember his name though he passed away from cancer about 7 years ago.

  5. 1azuce says:

    Fat Detective all the way. Love this show. Watching right now. Thanks KIKU for putting the show back into the lineup.

  6. Tory says:

    I like watching the drama about the “Retired Detective” very much. I love all the crazy situations he gets into. Are you still showing it?

  7. PaulMax1957 says:

    I like Mystery Theater especially when they show Detective Ushio who works out of the West Shinjuku Metropolitan Police Department. Det. Ushio is somewhat aided by Saeko who is a reporter. The series of movies are my favorite. I know it probably won’t happen but how about showing reruns of Hagure Keiji or even Tokusoh Saizensen. I loved both shows.

  8. Myrna says:

    Sennyu Tantei Tokage with Shota Matsuda is my favorite Detective Drama.

    I also liked Partners when Yasufumi Terawaki was starring in it.

  9. MY says:

    Sennyu Tantei Tokage is my favorite with Shota Matsuda.
    I liked Partners also. I liked the Asst. Detective in Partners 7. Why did he leave?

  10. B Johnsen says:

    I still love Partners and was happy to see there’s a new season coming up, and that there are two more after that. Doubles is good, too, and I hope it will have more seasons. I really liked the previous Officer Mariko series, so yes, please air a new season. Didn’t care for Fat Detective, though. I only watched the first episode. But I’ll probably give the second season a look if it airs.

    Mystery theater showcases some great mystery series, and I’ve like almost all of them, the exceptions being the one featuring the ditzy tour guide and, my all-time least favorite, the one with the ambulance crew.

    I really liked the first episode of 853, and Det. Kamo. I kept thinking Det. Kamo looked familiar but couldn’t quite place him until I read your post. I’m so glad to see Terawaki Yasafumi again! Can’t wait to watch next week and compare Kamo with Kameyama.

    Finally, I was very happy to see the late Makoto Fujita again in Mission to Kill, since Hagure Keiji was one of my all-time favorite detective shows.

    Thank you for all your great spring programming this year, especially the mystery and detective shows.

  11. KAH says:

    Partners is my favorite! (And we thought that was the former ‘partner’ that we saw in the first episode of 853 — thanks for the confirmation on that here.)

    I would love to see more episodes of Investigator Mariko. And also Omiya-San.

  12. Mr. Tea says:

    I love Partners. They are like the great Columbo series except in Tokyo! KIKU has done a great job translating to English. It would be wonderful if we can see new seasons pasted what has been shown. Thank you for great detective programming!

  13. Myrtle says:

    Doubles is my favorite! Forgot his name but he sure is handsome, used to see him in other dramas also.
    Please bring in more dramas, like the Koreans do.

  14. James says:

    Doubles is my favorite too. Partners is getting old and repetitious no matter who Ukyo’s partner is or will be. Yasufumi Terayaki, the same original partner, now has his own series 853? Lastly, isn’t Mission to Kill an old series because it looks like it stars Makoto (Det. Yasuura) from the Walking Detective series. He passed away years ago. Could be wrong.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you’re feeling that way about Partners. And yes, Mission to Kill is an old series that first aired back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The season we will be airing, however, was produced and aired in Japan in 2009. And yes, Makoto Fujita (who also starred in the popular, long-running detective series Hagure Keiji) was in the original Mission to Kill series. His fans will appreciate that he also makes an appearance in the Mission to Kill series we are airing. Sadly, Makoto Fujita passed away four years ago in February, 2010.

  15. Roanne says:

    Doubles is my favorite drama! 😀

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