Now that the 2014 New Year’s specials are over, we ‘d love to hear from you. Did you like them? Which was your favorite? Do you prefer the dramas or the food and travel shows?

The New Year’s specials may be over, but there are still a lot of special things coming up on KIKU. First of all, the 2013 Taiga drama, Yae no Sakura, is ending. The final episode will air next Tuesday, January 14th, with a re-telecast on Sunday, January 19th.

The next Taiga drama is Gunshi Kanbei, but it does not begin until February 18th. So in between, please watch these two programs on Tuesday nights: Sleeping Beauty and Ninja Sarutobi III.

Sleeping Beauty begins with a half hour episode immediately following the final episode of Yae no Sakura at 9pm on January 14th. The next four weeks following that, Sleeping Beauty will air from 8-9pm on Tuesday nights. It’s a romantic comedy about a woman given an opportunity to re-invent herself after her husband asks her for a divorce.

Ninja Sarutobi III will begin on Tuesday, January 21st, at 9pm. This is about the grandson of a legendary ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke. The grandson lives under his famous grandfather’s shadow without real purpose until he is tasked with escorting a lord’s daughter on her journey to Kyoto. The responsibility forces Sarutobi III to face challenges and in the process, he grows as a man and a ninja. It’s a cheerful samurai drama that will have you in laughter and tears.

Ja, ne!

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3 Responses to What’s Coming Up

  1. Lindley says:

    I missed the last two 1/2 episodes of Sleeping Beauty on 2/11/14 and their repeats on 2/12/14. How did it end???

  2. Randall says:

    Of all the Taiga Dramas, enjoyed “Yae No Sakura” the best. It was a good followup to Ryoma Sakamoto. A good idea would be to have a drama about the Russo-Japanese War (Admiral Togo).

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      It’s interesting that you liked Yae the best. Each person has their own preference for different reasons. And it’s always interesting to see what story NHK will select as its Taiga drama each year. Have you noticed that in recent years, NHK has selected very popular, good looking young actors or performers to play the lead roles? It’s a great way to raise interest and viewership. We hope you enjoy the next Taiga drama, Strategist Gunbe, which begins on Tuesday, February 18th.

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