…doesn’t stay in Tokyo.

Instead, I want to share with you some of the things I experiencedin Tokyo last week.

First of all, two typhoons and one earthquake. Luckily, these three events were relatively minor compared to other disasters Japan has experienced. There was some rain from the typhoons a couple of days, and there was a lot of shaking in the hotel room from the earthquake, but other than that, things were normal.

Second, the food was awesome! From sashimi to tonkatsu to homemade chikuwa to anmitsu to ramen and much, more more, everything was incredibly fresh and delicious.  

The first night, I was taken to an izakaya restaurant in Shinjuku which specializes in fresh fish. The waiter brings a tray of fresh fish to the table. You select which one you want and how you want it prepared and voila!

Fresh fish in Shinjuku

Here’s the tray of fresh fish we could select from.

Fresh fish after being cooked

And here’s the cooked fish, with daikon on the side.

The next day, it was Japanese breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Japanese breakfast

Rice, kinpira, hijiki, salmon, tsukemono, and curry!

Although it may seem like I was only focused on food, I really did work, too, with back-to-back meetings from morning until late night every day. But in between and after meetings, there were incredible meals to enjoy.

Take a look at this fabulous tray of sashimi we had at an izakaya in the Shinbashi area. All this for $20!!!

Shinbashi Izakaya

When I learned how much this cost, I said let’s get one per person!

And who wouldn’t appreciate the beautiful presentation of this kaiseki course?

Kaiseki dinner course

One of eight courses from a kaiseki dinner.


Also, this incredible main course from a French restaurant in Roppongi.

French restaurant in Roppongi

Restaurant J in the Roppongi area.

Sharing a meal is a great way to overcome communication gaps and move a relationship from casual business acquaintances to personal friends.  

Next post, I’ll tell you about the programs we are looking at and feedback we need from you.

Ja, ne!

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