Tonight, in honor of Veteran’s Day, we are pre-empting regular programming to bring you two special tributes to our veterans:

Daniel Inouye: Journey to Washington airs from 7-8pm and MIS (Military Intelligence Service) airs from 8-10pm.

These special tributes to our veterans are brought to you through the generous support of our sponsors: Nitto Tire, Central Pacific Bank, Hawaiian Electric Company, and Tony Auto Group Association.


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  1. Masao says:

    I visited Hokkaido in early May 2016. While in Hokkaido I caught an episode of a TV drama about a Japanese widower (with children from his first marriage) who marries a Caucasian women. The widower, his new wife, and his children live with his father. The episode I watched focused on the the children’s acceptance of their new mother. My Nihongo is limited, but I think the show is called “Our Family”. Any chance we can air the the show on KIKU?

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