Oceanic (Spectrum) is making changes to the services they provide to cable subscribers. If you are a Spectrum subscriber and you currently connect the cable line directly into your television (versus through a cable box), you will lose the ability to receive any channels within the next month. You may have already received a notice from Spectrum informing you of this. Please do not ignore the notice. You will need to order equipment by February 13, 2018, in order to continue to watch KIKU and other channels on your television.

If you already have an existing set-top-box, you should not be affected by this change.

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12 Responses to To our viewers who subscribe to Oceanic (Spectrum):

  1. Mark Slattery says:

    How come I can get Sumo Highlights over the air in Denver, but I can’t get them on cable or air. I’m missing the May Tournament, and Hakuho is back!

  2. B Johnsen says:

    Thank you for the heads up. I was relieved to learn that this switch is currently being rolled out on Oahu only. Neighbor islands (I’m on Maui) will be sometime in the future and subscribers will be notified well in advance.

  3. Rod says:

    Where is you on-air antenna located? I have a decent antenna and live in town but can only get you on cable. Otherwise I’d see you in HD.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We broadcast from Palehua Ridge, which is at the top of Makakilo. Our office is located downtown, and we can get our signal over the air.

  4. Vince says:

    How can consumer show their support. KIKU needs to move to HD.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We agree. We are broadcasting in HD and would like to be on Spectrum’s HD tier. We need your support to contact Spectrum and let them know you want to see KIKU in HD.

  5. David Taylor-Garcia says:

    When is Spectrum going to off an HD channel for KIKU?

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