Last night was the last episode of Doubles. Many people have commented that they really enjoyed this series. But it did not dawn on me until today that maybe the reason they liked it so much was for the shower scene in each episode.  And the only reason I realized this is because one of my cousins has a blog (which I read daily) and in today’s blog, she commented that the thing about the show she looked forward to most each week was the shower scene! (My cousin Jalna is too funny!)

Does anybody else feel this way?

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4 Responses to The Shower Scene?

  1. Joey S. says:

    Hmmm..” This is something I can do without… But it happens in real life, so… It is a new, interesting twist bringing more women fans, and helps KIKU ratings, so… It’s a good thing. For me, I don’t find it good or bad, just part of a good show. -Joey

  2. B Johnsen says:

    I liked the program a lot, and the shower scenes certainly didn’t detract from my enjoyment!

  3. Miriga says:

    soo many viewers called and emailed us about the fine men and shower scene in Doubles. Perhaps we need more shower scenes!?

  4. Moani says:

    Stories and action pretty good but the shower scenes are what I looked forward to. Not too many Japanese actors with broad shoulders.

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