The Red and White Song Contest Poll

Are you still interested in watching Kohaku?

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The Red and White Song Contest you are currently watching is in its 68th year. That’s an amazing legacy. And KIKU has been airing Kohaku for close to 40 of those years.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on modern show – stopping entertainment instead of traditional enka performances.

Although this may appeal to some, we’ve heard from many of you – our viewers – that you prefer the traditional enka-type music that Kohaku was originally based upon.

Since we have no control over the types of performances on Kohaku, we’d like to ask you: Is Kohaku something you’d like to continue watching, even with these changes? Is Kohaku a legacy you’d like to keep on KIKU?

Please let us know how you feel about Kohaku.

Thank you very much for your poll.


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