This Sunday (2/8), we are re-airing a special we aired back in September 2013. It is titled Shiawase, and it’s a heartwarming story about a family held together by its patriarch, Shinichi. Here’s a short description of the show:

Just outside the Sapporo city limits is an area of old buildings where time has come to a standstill. Hidden here is a small, family-run noodle-making business. The father who owns the business, Shinichi, is 70 and a dependable member of the community. Although he has been stepping back from the business as company president, he continues to be a vital part of the company and holds everyone together.

What would happen if he was suddenly gone one day? Would the family be able to stay together? Would the business be able to survive?

Please watch this story about how life can begin again even after deep sorrow and loss. Shiawase begins at 7pm and is 1-1/2 hours long.

Ja, ne!

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