Did anyone else think the first 10 minutes of Prison Princesses was confusing? Multiple flashbacks made it hard to follow, even for me! There will be more flashbacks in the episodes to come, but knowing what to expect should make it easier to follow the story.

We’re so happy with your positive response to Lone Wolf With Cub. We only licensed 26 episodes to begin with because we weren’t sure how this show would be received. Now that we know you like the show, we’ll be licensing more to air in 2019. Until then, we’ll be re-running the first 26 episodes starting in about a month.

Please keep your comments coming; it really helps!

Hope to see you at the KIKU booth at the Mo’ili’ili Summer Fest!

Ja, ne!

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  1. Kerry Kiyabu says:

    When will Dr X be coming back? Also, are there any new series coming on soon? We love, Dr X Segodon and Naotora. Mahalo, kk

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