As a veterinarian, Kentaro Shiba — or Shibaken (as he is known by everyone in town) – saves pets’ lives. But he is also known as a busybody because he worries equally about the pet’s owners.

When he sees someone in trouble, he can’t leave them alone. He’ll do whatever he can to help them out.

To some people, Shibaken is a little bit of a pain. But it’s because he cares as much about the owners of the pets as he does about the pets.


Pet Doctor in the House

Airs: Saturday 7:00PM-8:00PM

Repeats: No Repeat



Takanori Jinnai as Kentaro Shibata

Yumiko Shaku as Hitomo Asano

Yoko Nogiwa as Hanae Shiba

Miyu Yohsimoto as Hinako Shiba

Dog as Negima


Japanese Title: Jyuisan, Jiken desuyo

Theme Song: Always with you by Generations from EXILE Tribe

Air Dates: 2/18/18-5/6/17

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