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The Special Mission Task Team sounds more important than it is. Positioned in the lowest section of the Metropolitan Police Department, it is headed by Ukyo Sugishita. Co-workers have nicknamed Ukyo “the gravekeeper of human resource” because it appears that anyone who works under Ukyo eventually leaves the office.

However, the other reason for this name is that when Ukyo first transferred to this section, all of his direct reports somehow died mysteriously.

Yutaka Mizutani is the calm, meticulous elder partner who plays Detective Ukyo Sugishita. His partner, Takeru Kanbe, is cool and confident. Together they solve many mysterious crimes.

Partners 10

Airs: Thursday 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Repeats: Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm



Yutaka Mizutani as Ukyo Sugishita

Mitsuhiro Oikawa as Takeru Kanbe

Ikue Masudo as Tamaki Miyabe

Seiji Rokkaku as Mamoru Yonezawa

Kazuhisa Kawahara as Kenichi Itami

Ryosuke Otani as Keiji Serizawa

Atsushi Yamanishi as Rokuro Kakuta

Japanese Title: Aibou

Theme Song: None

Air Dates: 4/24/13-9/25/14


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