Partners 10


Tomorrow is the night! Partners 10 begins with a two-part episode Thursday night (4/24) at 9pm. The second part airs next Thursday, 5/1, at 9pm.

And don’t forget to also catch the first episode of Doctor X II, on Monday, 4/28, at 9pm! Let me know what you think of her new shorter hair style.

Ja, ne!

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3 Responses to Partners 10

  1. Joey S. says:

    Dr. “X” I super. I knew it from the 1st ep. that “X” would be as good a show as any American medical drama. I think it’s a Japanese “House”!

  2. Phyllis Kihara says:

    The last episode of Doctor X 2 aired on Monday, June 23rd. But here’s something to look forward to: we will be re-airing Doctor X 1 starting Thursday, July 24th, at 8pm!

  3. Mochi says:

    What ever happened to doctor x?

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