The final episode of Strategist Kanbe ran this past Tuesday, and the next Taiga drama does not begin until February 10th, so please tune in for a 1-1/2 hour Oyaji Samurai special on Tuesday, February 3rd.

The special is a prelude to the Oyaji Samurai series, which will begin on Tuesday, February 17th, at 9pm.

You might be interested to learn that the actual title of the special is Oyari Haishaku and the actual title of the series is Yoidore Kotoji. We felt Oyaji Samurai was a more descriptive title for both the special and the series. (FYI, Oyari Haishaku means borrowed spear. Yoidore means drunk, and Kotoji is the name of the main character.)  Oyaji is a term that refers to a somewhat older man, sort of like a man who is “over the hill”. You may remember that in the Making It Through series, the band formed by the older men was called The Oyaji Band”.

Oyaji Samurai is about a somewhat shabby, middle-aged, low-ranking, but well-intentioned samurai of small stature named Kotoji Akame.  One day, after drinking too much alcohol in a contest, Kotoji fails to wake in time to escort his lord on a journey from Edo back to his home domain. As a result, Kotoji is released from service and becomes a wandering samurai.

To avenge his lord, Kotoji comes up with a scheme to steal the lances — or spears — which are a family’s symbols. Kotoji ends up stealing the lances of several families, which creates an unlikely alliance amongst them as they plot to take revenge on Kotoji.

Kotoji’s drinking does get him into trouble now and then, but he isn’t always drunk. This is why we felt Oyaji Samurai was a more appropriate title.

This is a lighthearted jidaigeki series. Kotoji, although small and a little old, is clever, and this creates unexpected, funny situations.

Ja, ne!

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3 Responses to Oyaji Samurai

  1. John Wada says:

    Since I watch KIKU via the Dish Network, it could be that the satellite signal was off the air for your channel for two days on the 17th and 18th. Perhaps if you rerun this excellent show, I’ll be able to catch the episode I missed.

  2. John Wada says:

    Very much enjoyed the episode shown on 2/24. Since the station was off the air on 2/17, was this the first in the series and how long will the series air?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Glad you had a chance to see Oyaji Samurai on 2/24 and liked it. We began by airing a 1-1/2 hour special on 2/3, and the first episode of the series began on 2/17, so what you saw on 2/24 was the second episode of the series. (There are a total of 13 episodes, so this program will continue through May.) Your comment about KIKU being off the air on 2/17 is curious because we were on the air. Did anyone else have a problem that night?

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