Hidamari no ki

 Soichi Haruta is a 33 year old single man who works at a real estate office and lives with his mother. One day his mother abruptly leaves and he must learn to live independently. Soichi doesn’t know how to live alone and decides to room with Ryota Maki, a coworker who is good at cooking, cleaning and household chores.

 All is going well until Soichi’s boss, Musashi Kurosawa confesses his romantic feelings for Soichi. Confussed, he comes home to find Ryota is also gay and has feelings for him. Although Soichi is straight, he finds himself in a love triangle between Musashi and Ryota.

 Ossan’s Love

Airs: Sunday 8:00PM-9:00PM

Repeats: Monday 1:00PM-2:00PM


Kei Tanaka as Soichi Haruda

Kento Hayashi as Ryota Maki

Kotaro Yoshida as Musashi Kurosawa

Hidekazu Mashima as Masamune Takekawa

Daichi Kaneko as Utamaro Kuribayashi

Shuko Ito as Maika Segawa

Rio Uchida as Chizu Arai

Kazuya Kojima as Teppei Arai

Nene Otsuka as Choko Kurosawa

 Japanese Title: Ossan’s Love

Theme Song: Revival by Skima Switch

Air Dates: 3/24/19 – 5/5/19


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