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Hawaii’s diverse ethnic mix is often referred to as a “mixed plate”. With nearly 40% of the state’s population having Asian roots, it’s no wonder you find foods from many different cultures sharing a place on the table at your local gatherings and venues.

KIKU-TV celebrates this diversity with “On The Table”, a food segment that explores many of the well-known and lesser known food products that play an important part in the lives of Hawaii’s multi-cultural ethnic groups. Hosted by Nolan Hong, we’ll take you into local kitchens to give you a flavor of the foods being served “on the table” in Hawaii!


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Nolan Hong is a producer, director, writer, and actor for over 15 years. He has acted in TV commercials, short films, and national television shows. He has also performed in multiple local theater productions such as Lisa Matsumoto’s “Once Upon One Time”and “The Princess and the Iso Peanut”. He co-owns Pop Creative Media (a multi media production company) and produces short and long form videos, a YouTube channel, and 2 podcasts.


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