Office in the Sky


Doctor X 2




Rika Inaba dreamed about being a reporter from the time she was a child and is in her dream job as a director at the Teito TV Network. However, her aggressive style of interviewing causes her to be transferred against her will to become the co-director of an evening information program.  In her new assignment, Rika is put in charge of a special feature focused on the Self Defense Forces and uniformed personnel. Angry at having her dream destroyed, Rika is determined to make a comeback as a reporter, and searches constantly for whatever scoop may be found in the military.


Airs: Sunday 8:00PM-9:00PM*

Repeats: Monday 12:00PM-1:00PM



Yui Aragaki as Rika Inaba

Go Ayano as Daisuke Sorai

Kyhei Shibata as Masashi Sagisaka

Japanese Title: Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu

Theme Song: Ending song: Contrail by Namie Amuro

Air Dates: 8/3/14-10/19/14


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