Did you watch the Red and White Song Contest last night? If you missed it, we are re-airing it today (Thursday) from 11am-4pm so you have another chance to catch it.

Do you like the new(er) acts with their huge stage productions, wild costumes, and dancing? Or are you a traditionalist and prefer enka? I find that as I get older, I prefer the simpler numbers, where the voices of the singers shine. One thing I did find interesting with this year’s Kohaku, though, was how they blended some traditional enka singers with the newer artists. It was a way to appeal to everyone.

Tonight at 7pm, please watch Part 1 of Sore ga Shiritai, followed by Reset at 8pm.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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4 Responses to New Year’s specials

  1. R says:

    Please show more episodes of “Sore ga shiritai”, please! My family enjoyed these first two shows. Thank you!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Sore ga Shiritai came from the same network that produced Soko ga Shiritai. They just began this series, and we intend to get more!

  2. Steve S says:

    I enjoyed Sore ga Shiritai but missed some of Part 1. Is it likely to be repeated? Are there other episodes beyond Part 2?

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