I have a great neighbor. His name is Horace and he does things like bring in my trash can so it’s not sitting on the curb all day while I’m away at work. He also makes homemade snacks for my dogs, and shares vegetables from his garden with me. But one of the best things he does is give me feedback about KIKU. He loved The Fat Detective. And Doctors and Doctor X. In fact, he likes practically all of the dramas we air on KIKU.

But his feedback this morning was a little different: “Hey, you gotta get some new shows!”

Although we are airing new shows, like Mother Class, Hanamoyu, Mystery Theatre, Japan’s Local Secrets, and The Emperor’s Chef right now, Horace is right. This is the time of year when we also air a number of reruns. So I thought I should explain to you — as I did to Horace — why.

KIKU airs a whole week of new, special programs each New Year’s week. Our translators, our subtitlors, and our entire staff are busy getting ready for New Year’s week in the month of December. Airing shows in December that have already been translated and subtitled allows us to focus and work on the New Year’s specials and new shows coming in January and February.

And there are a lot of new shows coming in January and February. In addition to the New Year’s specials, there are three new dramas starting in January, and four new dramas starting in February, including the new Taiga drama, Sanada Maru, and the second season of Behind the Noren!

I hope you all are lucky enough to have a kind, generous, and honest neighbor like Horace.

Ja, ne!


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5 Responses to My neighbor, Horace

  1. Pam Vee says:

    I do understand your response to Horace-san. But I also am excited to know about new shows every season.
    Is there a second season of Behind the Noren? We love that show. We also like Mother Class and Oyaji Samurai. Also, do you know a show from about 3 years ago, “Yorozu Uranai Dokoro – Onmyouya e Yokoso, about a host club guy who becomes a fortune teller. I hope KIKU will pick it up some time.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Yes, there is a second season of Behind the Noren. In fact, I believe they are on the fourth season in Japan. We will begin airing the second season on Sunday, February 14, at 9:30pm. Here is the schedule for the remainder of Behind the Noren season 1:

      Episodes 31 & 32: Tuesday, 1/12, 9-10pm
      Episodes 33 & 34: Tuesday, 1/19, 9-10pm
      Episodes 35 & 36: Tuesday, 1/26, 8-9pm
      Episodes 37 & 38: Tuesday, 1/26, 9-10pm
      Episodes 39 & 40: Tuesday, 2/2, 8-9pm
      Episodes 41 & 42: Tuesday, 2/2, 9-10pm

      Behind the Noren Season #2
      Episodes 1 & 2: Sunday, 2/14, 9:30-10:30pm

      From episodes 3 & 4, the time will be Sundays, 9-10pm.

  2. B Johnsen says:

    Ooh, I’m looking forward to hearing about the new shows, and a second season of Behind the Noren. Hope to see some new shows on Mystery Theater, too. I thought the Fall season shows were particularly good this year – I was watching a LOT of TV, and it was all KIKU!

  3. PT says:

    Like Horace, was wondering when there will be new shows. Mystery Theater recently have been repeats and now we see that you plan to repeat the Filipino drama Losing Heaven next week since Legacy ended this Sunday. We are huge fans of both the Japanese and Filipino programming on KIKU. Any chance there can be something new? Me and my other half will need to find something else to watch at 5pm on Sundays as we watched Losing Heaven from start to finish last year on KIKU. Thanks for taking our comments.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      I’ll be writing about our New Year’s specials, and also about three new series beginning in January. and five new series beginning in February. Please check out my GM blog tomorrow.

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