Mr. Son-in-Law


Doctor X 2




After the death of his father-in-law, Hiromasa Akiyoshi is forced to run as mayor by his mother-in-law Otome. He does not welcome fights and finds happiness in an ordinary life- and initially refuses to enter the election. However, with the support of his wife Mari and other people around them, he eventually resigns himself to the decision to run.


Airs: Monday 9:00PM-10:00PM

Repeats: Tuesday 1:00PM-2:00PM



Atsuto Watanabe as Hiromasa Akiyoshi

Yoshie Ichige as Otome Akiyoshi (Mother-in-law)

Yuka Kurotani as Mari akiyoshi (Hiromasa’s Wife)

Marie Soda as Rin Akiyoshi (oldest daughter)

Runa Matsumoto as Miu Akiyoshi (young daugther)

Japanese Title: Shichou wa Muko dono

Theme Song: Shiawase no Tane by Kizuki Minami

Air Dates: 6/30/14-9/01/14


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