The final installment in the Making It Through series — #10 — finished airing on KIKU last May, 2013. This was the culmination of 20 years of Sunday nights of appointment TV on KIKU with the Okakura family. Or so we all thought.

After the series ended, the producers made a four hour special that took up where the series left off. It teased us, squeezing a year’s worth of episodes into four short hours to give us an abbreviated look at what was happening with the different family members’ lives following the series.

And now, they have done it again.

This month, we will air the second four hour Making It Through special produced since the series ended. It’s torture to only have four short hours to catch up with Daisuke, his daughters, and their families.

How are Shin and Takako doing? Do they have children? How is Takako’s father? Is Hinako still interested in cooking? What is Yoko doing? Is she working or raising her twins? What’s happening with Fumiko and her ex-husband? Does Yayoi still have a house filled with a non-related extended family?

Will all our questions be answered? Tune in on four Sundays: February 16, February 23, March 2, and March 9, from 8-9pm for Making It Through 2013. (Although we are in 2014, the series was produced in 2013.)

Ja, ne.

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2 Responses to Making It Through 2013 Special

  1. Doreen ige says:

    I wished I knew that the first special was last week. Is there going to be a repeat and how can I get an update

    • Miriga says:

      Aloha Doreen,

      The special is only re-aired the day after-so there is no way to view the 1st part.

      We ran several promos weeks before the special aired so we could get the word out. The special is also listed on TV guide schedules as well as our website:

      You can always check our website’s “New on KIKU” page, as we list new shows and specials that we will be airing here.

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