Back in January, I blogged about Kuru Kuru Japan before it began airing. This is what I wrote then:

In Japanese, kuru kuru means to go round and round. And that’s exactly what our new Kuru Kuru Japan shows are about. Shows that take you all around Japan, with a focus on the delicious foods and interesting places that can be found throughout the country.

Kuru Kuru Japan runs Monday through Friday from 6:30-7pm. If you love Soko ga Shiritai, you’ll love Kuru Kuru Japan!

Now that Kuru Kuru Japan has been airing for almost two months, I wanted to give you a little more information about it, and also ask for your feedback.

First, the information: Kuru Kuru Japan is the name we gave to a collection of different individual programs that will be airing in this time period. What all of these programs have in common is they focus on delicious foods or interesting places throughout Japan.

We launched Kuru Kuru Japan with a program called Gourmet Japan that was all about different foods. For example, one episode focused on mushrooms and wild vegetables, another on garlic, and still another on mochi (my favorite).

The last five weeks, the program has been Yatata Girls. In these episodes, three women visit different locations in Japan, trying to find the best attractions and foods of the area.

Tonight, a new program titled Rediscover Japan begins in the Kuru Kuru Japan time period. Fans of the Fat Detective series will love this set of programs because the host is the fat detective himself, Hidehiko Ishizuka.

I apologize if it’s been confusing. But there are so many great programs about the foods and places in Japan that we wanted to be able to share them with you and felt the best way was under the Kuru Kuru Japan umbrella.

Please send us your feedback about Kuru Kuru Japan. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ja, ne!

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12 Responses to Kuru Kuru Japan #2

  1. Emi Cui says:

    I enjoy Kuru Kuru Japan! I find it very helpful and interesting! Thank you for the English Subtitles!

  2. Gary Tsukayama says:

    Also, Oyaji Samurai is a good Taiga, Jeidai series…
    so is it possible to bring back Mito Kumon and Princess
    Gou??? and Kanbei and Taiyo no Kiyomori was great too…Is it possible???? One on Monday, Tuesday Wed
    and Thursday….Taiga Drama every night,,,maybe
    Yae no sakura on Friday??? Sugoi!!!!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Taiga drama every night? That’s a great idea. Unfortunately, we don’t own the rights to the shows. The rights belong to NHK and we only have the rights to the current taiga drama. Glad to hear you are enjoying Oyaji Samurai!

  3. Gary Tsukayama says:

    Right On Tracy….
    Hey does anyone knows her name ORYO acting on the Oyaji Samurai Series….Wow, sekushi Dane!!!!!
    please advise her name please…..if you know…thks GT

  4. L Analu says:

    Thank you, KIKU, for the great addition of Kuru Kuru in your food program line-up. “Gourmet Japan” – Food topics presented & educated us with interest, beauty & high quality–we definitely welcome more. “Yatata Girls” – Introduced foods in places of interest with fun & game variety. Although girls hosts & guests were different at times, the same games became repetitious over time. Also there was a bit more excessive, frivolous-like chattiness among the hosts; the female narrator’s high-pitched voice was ‘rough’ on the ears. This show became less interesting, less captivating, & unpopular for us. “Rediscover Japan” – Presents a very pleasant balance of interesting foods, education & entertainment. Ishizuka-san is a delightful host with an enjoyable personality, engaging interviews, asking insightful questions, yet always respecting & having a seriousness for the food people’s work, traditions, industry & history–and he makes us want to eat the delicious food he’s tasting! This show is worth keeping in your line-up. Thank you, KIKU, for selecting great variety of fun, educational, uplifting food shows for families and for allowing us to give feedback that you always take into consideration. Domo arigato & gambatte kudasai. –LA

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Thank you for the great feedback about the different shows we are airing in the Kuru Kuru Japan line-up. The next set of programs begins this Wednesday (4/1) and is titled “What’s Hot in Japan”. There are a variety of hosts in this series, and some of the shows are more educational than entertainment-
      oriented, but they are all very interesting. I’m looking forward to your feedback on these shows.

    • Steve M says:

      L Analu, Totally agree with your summary. Enjoy the “fat guy” the most. Makes me hungry and eager to try the foods too. Also enjoy the recipes provided during the farming section. Bring Ishi-san back soon.

      • Phyllis Kihara says:

        Some people like Ishizuka-san and some people don’t. I personally like him. He is a good sport about trying anything, he’s down-to-earth, and he is very gracious to people wherever he visits.

  5. Gary says:

    Kuru Kuru was so good, till it started airing it with the
    fat guy, who make the show silly and untasty….
    the Yatata girls, with various celebrity chicks and the
    two regular chicks was so much more fun, entertaining
    funny and the places and challenge to win the $1000.00 contributed to its legimitacy….Regards Gary

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