Thank you for participating in our Kohaku poll and sharing your comments regarding the show. The results were overwhelmingly and resoundingly in favor of us continuing to air the Red and White Song Contest.

It was especially heartening to read your comments. Many of you wrote about Kohaku being a long-standing New Year’s tradition in your homes. Others reminisced of watching the show with your grandparents and parents when you were children. Many shared that Kohaku keeps you connected to your Japanese culture. And even those of you who prefer enka had positive, thoughtful comments about how Japan is changing, and Kohaku needs to change with the times.

So thank you again for letting us know how you feel. Your feedback is valued and appreciated.

Happy New Year!

Phyllis Kihara


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8 Responses to Kohaku (Red and White Song Contest) Poll

  1. Margaret E Okimoto says:

    I would like to know if it is possible to air the old red and white song festivals from the past which includes Misora Hibari

    • Maiko says:

      Unfortunately we can’t get license to air the old ones. Basically license allows us to air the latest one only once.

  2. B Johnsen says:

    Sorry I missed the poll, but I’m glad to hear you’ll keep running Kohaku. I like seeing a variety of Japanese music, including enka, but I like j-pop, too, so I’m happy with how it’s evolved.

  3. Pam says:

    I didn’t have time to write before because we had company, but we love Kohaku!! Please keep having it. We don’t need subtitles. It’s enough to have the lyrics subtitled so we sometimes sing along.

  4. Mike shimono says:

    Why doesn’t the red and white song contest have English sub titles?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      There is not enough time. The show airs the day after we receive it from Japan and there is not enough turn-around time to translate and subtitle nearly five hours of programming. With our dramas and travel/food shows, we generally have at least two weeks to translate and subtitle a single hour of programming.

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