We are very honored for winning an award at the 38th Annual Telly Awards.

This award was presented for KIKU’s original segment “Ammoyo Kadi” under the category of TV Broadcast/Cultural Programming, in recognition of its educational value and providing a service to the community. The short-segment we won the award for is about traditional Filipino tattoos.

Go to check the segment in archives.

This is the trophy!!


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9 Responses to KIKU-TV Won an Award!!

  1. Please play Ashita Mama Ga Inai, Our House, More varied selection!

  2. Kasumi says:

    Congratulation to the Kiku and the other staff!!! But, I would like more new japanese dramas like Cain and Abel 2016 japanese drama, or Kahogo to Kahoko 2017 japanese drama. I’m looking forward to this dramas!!!

  3. Lance Okimoto says:

    Disappointed in the lack of japanese dramas. Seems like there are more other asian drama series with lower quality. Would appreciate more japanese drama series!

  4. Jessica Miriga says:

    Congratulations, KIKU! Great job, Maiko and KIKU-staff =)

  5. Yayoi Winfrey says:

    omedettou gozaimashita!

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