Scotch is my go to drink.  Give me a Johnny Walker Black on the rocks and I’m good.  Occasionally I like to try something new but never really got into Japanese Scottish whiskey outside of 12yr. Suntory Yamazaki.  Last Friday some friends and I went to Bevy in Kakaako on the corner of Keawe and Auahi for pau hana.  Since it was my friend’s birthday we stepped to the bar and I asked him what he wanted.  Hibiki is what he chose.  I’m not going to bore you with a long review about the aromas and oaky subtleties.  Let’s just say da buggah was guuud!  So smooth and the bottle looked like a crystal decanter.  Next drink was Yamazaki 18 yr.  In the stores Yamazaki 12 goes for about $50.  Yamazaki 18 retails for $150.   So factoring bar math into the equation the two Yamazaki 18’s cost $70 at Bevy.  Kinda pricy but for that exorbitant price you get a custom made 3″ diameter round ice cube.  lol.  They bring out a cylinder of ice and a contraption that melts it into a perfectly round sphere.  Anyway dat buggah was super ono!  Better be huh!

Later that night I headed to Hanagasa to meet up with a high school classmate who resides in Japan.  Coincidentally he also brought a Japanese whiskey for us to sample, Chichibu Ichiro’s Malt.  According to him it was unobtainable outside of Japan.  We shot it so let’s just say despite his build up of it…..da buggah was rough!

The next night we went to play poker at a different friend’s in-laws and by coin-ki-dink he and his wife bought Japanese Scottish Whiskey to try.  Hibiki again and this one called Nikka Taketsuru 12 Pure Malt.  He picked them up at Don Quijote.  Hibiki $58 and Nikka $60.  The Nikka Takesuru was probably my favorite, but both were good.

Anyway for what it’s worth go try some Japanese Scottish whiskey next time you’re out.


– Paul

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  1. Cole Salera says:

    In 2003 I toured Hokkaido and visited the Nikka Whiskey Brewery in Yoichi. Needless to say, that was the best part of my entire tour. The many blends and aged whiskies available at their sampling bar was just delightfully delicious. Ever since then I am an avid fan of Japanese whiskies and Nikka being my favorite. Next time I’m in Honolulu I’ll get some at Don Quiote. Arigato gozaimasu.

    • Paul Uyehara says:

      Awesome! Yes, Nikka is great. Going to pick up a bottle as well and pair it with a Cohiba Siglo VI. Is it Friday yet? LOL.


    Have you tried Suntory Whisky Royal SR? If so what is your comment on this whisky?
    I’m told that this whisky is not exported outside of Japan.

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