Homicide Team 9 is composed of the few elites and is the most unusual team in criminal investigation divisions of the Metropolitan Police Department. They always have the top criminal arrest rate but at times struggle to cooperate with each other as they try to resolve criminal cases.


Homicide Team 9 -Season 5

Airs: Saturday 8:00PM-9:00PM

No Repeats



Tsunehiko Watase as Rintaro Kanou

Yishihiko Inohara as Naoki Asawa

Michiko Hada as Shiho Komiyama

Kanji Tsuda as Gengo Murase

Mitsuru Fukikoshi as Yasushi Aoyagi

Hiromasa Taguchi as Hidaaki Yazawa


Japanese Title: Keishicho Sousa ikka 9

Theme Song: Only Dreaming by V6

Air Dates: 9/2/17-12/2/17


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