Tamaki Yoshizawa is an up-and-coming female executive of Teito Bank tasked with restructuring an underperforming division, which will result in layoffs and the forced retirement of many long-time employees. In the process of carrying out her unpleasant responsibility, Tamaki learns she was set up by her immediate supervisor, Mai Yajima, to carry out the dirty work.

In an environment where women have difficulty enough succeeding in a man’s world, is there any camaraderie amongst women?


Gold Woman

Airs: Wednesday 12/20/17 7:00PM-9:00PM

Repeats: Thursday 12/21/17 12:00PM-2:00PM



Koyuki as Tamaki Yoshizawa

Honami Suzuki as Mai Yajima

Taro Suruga as Tsutomu Saida

Masatou Ibu as Masayoshi Gondo

Ken Teraizumi as Takehiko Kaida

Hiroaki Murakami as Yusuke Kikuta

Seiji Rokkaku as Yoshihiko Shoji

Koji Yano as Akitsugu Ishida

Megumi as Asuka Kawahara

Daikichi Sugawara as Yoshio Yasuhara

Kazuko Yoshiyuki as Fusae Tamura


Japanese Title: Gold Woman

Theme Song: Ride On by Solidemo

Air Dates: 12/20/17


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