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  1. Anna Byerly says:

    Since public broadcast went digital many of viewers lost local programming. For last 2 years we subscribed cable but only program we enjoy watching is KIKUtv, and spending over $100+ every month for just watching only KIKUtv channel got to be too expensive so we disconnected. Is there in a future a repeater can be installed somehow so people in the valley can watch TV?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Are you on a neighbor island? We do not have plans to install repeaters on the neighbor islands at this time. Please give us an idea where you live so we can help you.

  2. Gerben says:

    Thanks for airing Mystery Theatre, I like it a lot!

    Why did KIKU change the name from ‘Mystery Theater’ to ‘Mystery Theatre’? Also, are there any plans to reair older Mystery Theatre episodes?

    • Maiko says:

      We are glad that you like the “Mystery Theatre”! We have never changed its name so far. You can see it on our website. http://kikutv.com/mystery-theatre-2/
      Regarding older episodes, we can’t air them after expiration date as all episodes are controlled by license agreement. So we keep bringing new ones! Mahalo

  3. Hiro says:

    Well I pretty much missed the whole series of rikuoh.
    By any chance you have a retelicas of this program?

    • Maiko says:

      Oh sorry that you missed much episodes. We will re-telecast it again in the future but we can’t say yet when it is.

  4. Hiro says:

    What happen to episode 2,3,4,6 and 8 of rikuoh although I didn’t see episode 2. I’d like to know for future recordings when you retelicas this show?

    • Maiko says:

      Hello, thank you for watching Rikuoh!
      The air schedule of Rikuoh as follows.
      Episode 1-part.1 (aired on 4/15), Episode 1-part.2 (aired on 4/22), Episode 2 (aired on 4/29), Episode 3 (aired on 5/6), Episode 4 (will be 5/13 9-10PM), Episode 5 (1.5hours, will be 5/20 9-10:30PM), Episode 6 (will be 5/27 9-10PM), Episode 7 (will be 6/3 9:30-10:30PM), Episode 8 (will be 6/10 9-10PM), Episode 9 (1.5hours, will be 6/17 9-10:30PM), and Episode 10 (Final, 1.5hours, will be 6/24 9-10:30PM).
      Rikuoh has different total run time by episodes, and different start time on only Sunday 6/3. Please don’t miss it!

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